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The ASMD as seen in Unreal/RtNP.

Inuit Corporation inspired on developing an experimental directed-energy weapon, they came up with the idea of making the Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer. The weapon was issued to security guards all over the ship, and is in the armory aswell. It uses Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer Cores to power it up, and fire it. Stored and Tested on Inuit Science Vessels like the Intersteller Science Vehicle Kran, and used on experiments that went unstable. The Inuit Corporation renamed the weapon to an acronym, the ASMD. This weapon fires a blue beam that looks like blue circles made into a beam, and a secondary fire that shoots a blue tazer projectile to stun a lifeform. There is a hidden function, where as you hit a core with a bolt, it will generate a huge purple explosion. The IC tested it with an Energy Amplifier, and had target practice with it. It instead made orange circle with a bolt or core impacts, also the combo explosion is huger. This weapon should be used with care, as it can put you out of misery.

If the compressed energy in the core of this weapon was released all at once, the resulting force would be enough to bring down a large creature. The comparatively small energy bursts released with each squeeze of the ASMD's trigger are still more than enough to put a world of hurt on most targets.


The ASMD can be used as a "scopeless" sniper, due to the superb range, accuracy, and power. However, it cannot "headshot" like the real sniper, and typically is found a good distance from any nearby sniping perches. Avoid using the Shock Combo excessively, as extra shots are used with combos. Shock Combos can, however, be used as a "vehicle repeller," due to the strength of the Shock Combo and it's knockback. This is enough to kill Mantas passing by too close or severely damage a full-health Scorpion.


The looks of the ASMD can be found here.


The UT99 Shock Rifle.

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