AS-Frigate (whose full name is Frigate) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

An arena featuring a hijacking scenario, this map can offer heavy resistance if you slack on your strategies of stealth and speed. One can access the ship from the front or underwater.

The attackers start in a cargo bay, connected with a bar-like room. The defenders start right inside of the ship.

The ship has several open rooms, with some of them housing items. There's also an underwater entrance, which has a large passage ending in the most frontal room in the ship. Among the rooms there're several stairs, guiding to a table room, with some chairs, and more stairs, guiding to the Control room. Outside of the ship there's a Sentinel Minigun, which shoots the attackers if they dare to enter via the wooden bridge, and several decorations such as cannons and the like.

Both the initial attackers' area and the ship are connected by a narrow wooden bridge.

Objectives Edit

"The door to the ship’s control room is controlled by a hydraulic compressor which is located in the aft cabin of the boat. This compressor must be destroyed before the control room can be entered."
- Mission description

There are two ways to reach the compressor's area: from below of the ship, and from the bridge on the front. Once inside, regardless of where you come from, you can go through the direct way, or take a shortcut, by crossing the rooms. This one will leave you right near the Compressor, but you have to face the right side. (The controls) Once facing the right side, shoot the Compressor until it explodes.

"You must hijack the warship via the dock and find your way to the control room on the top floor of the vessel. There, you will find a red button that will activate the boat’s cannons and allow the boat to leave the harbor."
- Mission description

When the Compressor is destroyed, seek some ladders near the Rooms and go through them. You'll reach the control room. Go up the ladders and touch the controls to win the round.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Frigate's mid lower chamber.
Ammo: 2x Next to the BioRifle
W: 2
A: 3
Weapon: 1x Control Room, near the buttons. 1x Cargo Bay, near the table.
Ammo: 1x Control Room, near Shock Rifle. 2x Cargo Bay, near Shock Rifle.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Cargo Bay, above the table.
Ammo: 2x Cargo Bay, near the Ripper
W: 2
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Cargo Bay, near the table. 1x Lower entrance's end.
Ammo: 2x Cargo Bay, near the Minigun. 2x Lower entrance's end, near the Minigun.
W: 2
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Underwater entrance. 1x Ship's table room.
Ammo: 2x Underwater entrance, near the Flak. 2x Ship's table room, near the Flak.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Cargo Bay, Storage area.
Ammo: 2x Cargo Bay, Storage area, near the Rocket Launcher.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Cargo Bay, near the table.
Ammo: 2x Cargo Bay, near the Sniper Rifle.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
2x Cargo Bay, end of the stairs. 1x Ship's table room, near the table. 1x Open room, near the Compressor. 1x Compressor Room, attacking corner. 1x Instructions room.
1x Compressor Room, below the stairs.
1x Below Control Room, below stairs.
1x Open room, near the Compressor. 1x Cargo Bay, Storage room, above a big box.
1x Underwater entrance's end, between ladders.

Walkthrough Edit

"A somewhat antiquated Earth warship, the restored SS Victory is still seaworthy. A dual security system prevents intruders from activating the guns only by allowing crew members to open the control room portal. However, should the aft boiler be damaged beyond repair the door will auto-release, allowing access to anyone."
- Mission description

Keep an eye on the enemy bots inside the ship, and you will be able to win this map without much effort.

In the defense phase, it could be a good idea to leave your team defending the main entrance while you defend the lower entrance. The Flak Cannons available in the ship comes handy in this regard.

Tips and tricks Edit

Offense Edit

  • Get the Body Armor as soon as you can. You're going to need it.
  • For the first objective, divide your team in two subteams. One of them should go through the main entrance. The other should go by underwater.
  • There's a more tricker and dangerous entrance, by weapon-jumping to the ship's cannons and entering through the open hole below the cannons.
  • Try to get the best items in the ship as much as you can do. They'll come handy in many situations.
  • Sneaking tends to be better than engaging in combat in this map. You can enter via the underwater entrance, then instead of taking the first ladder you see, you can take the other ladder, then enter to the open rooms and sneak your way to the Compressor. For the final objectives, you can go around the ship, on the outside, and use one or two well-placed weapon jumps to reach the Control Room faster than what the enemy team can do. This way you also avoid the bottleneck which the Control Room ladders tend to be.

Defense Edit

  • If you decide to guard the main entrance, use the Bio Rifle to fill the area with green goop.
  • In the final objective, you better learn how to time your Shock combos. You'll be using them a lot.
  • Deny the enemy team as much items in the ship as you can. The ship has the Super Health, the Shield Belt and the Flak Cannon.
  • The hallway towards the ladder/compressor tends to be a bottleneck. Use it to your team's advantages.

Trivia Edit

  • The beta version of the map lacked the boxes in the Cargo Bay, the Compressor objective, many weapons for the attackers, the Minigun turrets and the door above the Compressor room was opened.

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