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The ASMD is a weapon appearing in Unreal and Unreal: Return to Na Pali. It is replaced with the Shock Rifle in later installments of the series.

The Inuit Corporation, realizing the potential for a directed-energy weapon, developed the Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer, or ASMD. The weapon was issued to security guards all over the ship, and can be found in the armory. It uses Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer (ASMD) Cores as ammunition. The ASMD Shock Rifle was tested on Inuit Science Vessels like the Interstellar Science Vehicle Kran, and many of the experiments proved unstable. The ASMD's primary fire is a blue beam that instantly hits a target, and the alternate fire is a slower moving ball of plasma called a "shock core" that, when hit with the primary fire, creates a massive purple explosion. This is called a "shock combo". Either fire mode from the ASMD creates considerable kinetic impact, which can knock a target off a ledge. The Inuit Corporation also tested the ASMD with an Energy Amplifier, and noted that instead of the weaker shots the ASMD then fired orange beams, and the impact of shock cores also created orange rings. It was also noted that the Energy Amplifier seemed to affect the shock combo as well, making the radius of the explosion significantly larger.

If the compressed energy in the core of this weapon is released all at once, the resulting force would be enough to bring down a large creature. The comparatively small energy bursts released with each squeeze of the ASMD's trigger are still more than enough to put a world of hurt on most targets.


The ASMD can be used as a "scopeless" sniper, due to its superb range, accuracy, and power. However, it cannot "headshot" like the real sniper, and typically is found a good distance from any nearby sniping perches. Avoid using the Shock Combo excessively, as extra shots are used with combos. Another thing to note is that the kinetic force of the impact of both fire modes is enough to knock some targets back. This can be useful for knocking targets off ledges to their doom.


  • The Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer may refer to the nuclear technology used in the cores this weapon uses for ammunition.


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The UT99 Shock Rifle.

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