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"Aida was a child prodigy, a strategic genius. An international 3D-chess-master by the age of ten, and drafted by the Terran Military before she was out of braces. About ten years ago, at the height of the Strider Wars, things were going badly for us. We were outnumbered and outgunned. It seemed only a matter of time before we'd be wiped out. Aida turned it all around.
On an out-of-the-way planet called Taiko, she created a sort of electronic Potemkin village -- a massive underground complex of transmitters and antennas. She made it seem as if the Terran military had concentrated their headquarters and most of their forces there. The Striders went for it.
They landed in full force, right above the transmitters. Our ships had been hiding behind Taiko's moon. They came out and nuked the planet into oblivion. But it had a price. Taiko had hundreds of Terran colonists - innocents who couldn't be warned of Aida's plan. When she activated the transmitters, she signed their death warrant.

But because they died, millions lived. She knows that. She made the choice, but she's never forgiven herself. As she grew older, she rebelled. She thinks the military made her a monster, and now she doesn't trust 'em -- or anyone else."
- John Dalton

Aida is a character in Unreal II: The Awakening.

Bio Edit

Aida was the first officer of the Atlantis, and in charge of giving John Dalton his mission briefings. Mostly speaking in a formal manner, she also provides you with in-mission support via your communications link, and remotely hacks into security and other systems to help clear your path in hostile situations[2], except one occasion, where Ne'Ban acted as her not very good temporary replacement.

She was a child prodigy and strategic genius. At the age of 10 she became a 3D chess champion. Because of her analytical mind, she became an ideal candidate for the marines.

A decade before the events of Unreal II, she participated with the marines during the Strider Wars. She planned a gambit where she lured the Strider armada to a distant human colony and then nuked the planet called Taiko into oblivion, killing everything on it. (Her room aboard the TCA Atlantis contains reminders of the Strider wars.) However, her plan also involved sacrificing several hundred human colonists who were also killed in the destruction of the planet. The guilt from their deaths eventually caused Aida to develop a strong hatred of the military, causing her to seek escape and solitude by serving in the TCA. She holds galaxy-wide fame for this event.

Even though there are moments of acerbity even with Dalton, Aida is supportive of him, as seen throughout the game. Nevertheless, she is cynical about authority and harbors a particular dislike for the military. She is notably critical of Isaak because of another bitter military incident in which both of them served.

Physical appearance Edit

Clothing Edit

Aida sports a cyberpunk look, with an all-black themed tank top exposing her cleavage and midriff, and tight pants. A metallic chain hangs around her waist like a fashion accessory. She wears full length boots, which have blue light.

Gear Edit

Aida wears an electronically lit device, probably a communicator, mounted on her gauntlet on her right arm. She carries around a high accuracy pistol, which she nicknamed as 'Grace'. She later gives it to John, before one of the missions.

Quotes Edit

  • "Prolonged exposure to brass usually makes you revert to your primitive military state."
  • "Jesus, John. Were WE ever that green?"
  • "And you'd better hope they kill you. Because if they don't, I will."

Trivia Edit

  • Aida is the only important female human in the game.
  • She, alongside John Dalton, appears on the game's box art.

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