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"The secretive Phayder Corporation developed the Necris treatment process to produce an elite group of "undead" assassins. The Necris process itself has no spiritual component, but those who have undergone the treatment have built up a religion based on this transformation. Over time, the Necris religion has become an important part of the Corporation's driving principles. Akasha is a Necris High Inquisitor, a ruthless leader who has ordered countless massacres."
- UT3 manual

Akasha is a character in Unreal Tournament 3.

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Akasha is the leader of the Necris representation in UT3 and is hence the main antagonist in the Single Player campaign. The story explains she handles non-military ops such as the attack on Izanagi and Twin Souls.

Also from initial dialogue from Reaper as he hunted Akasha down she is in command of several crews: the Blackheart Assassins, Dark Phalanx Blades and the Necris Black Legion themselves.

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Reaper: "No escape this time. You answer to me."
Akasha: "My patience for games has worn thin."
Final match against Akasha
Akasha (1st. frag): "You die quickly... like your family."
Akasha (3rd. frag): "There is no honor for you here."
Akasha (5th. frag): "Fool, you still serve the Izanagi."
Akasha (7th. frag): "You've come so far, just to die alone."
Akasha (9th. frag): "Your Gods have abandoned you."
Akasha (11th. frag): "We shall cleanse this planet. The Prophet wills it to be so."
Akasha (13th. frag): "I am the Deathbringer."
Final match against Akasha

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  • Curiously the Dark Phalanx was a team from Unreal Tournament. It raises the question about them being converted to Necris.

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