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"Anubis is a prince of the illustrious Reydi family whose ancestors include fourteen former Nakhti Emperors. Favored to win the tournament ten years ago, Anubis left on the eve of the competition. Some say he was a coward; others speculate that political scheming forced him from the tournament. For the past decade he has served in the Desert Legion, honing his combat skills and revealing none of his secrets."
- Character description

Anubis is the main playable character of Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Bio Edit

A descendant of the late empress Seshafi, who is also her grandmother, (as told by Malcolm before the Rites' quarterfinals), he was favored to win the Tournament and was also going to get married to Selket, until he ran out, due to political issues. He then served in the Imperial Legion until he heard about Selket's intentions of fighting in the Ascension Rites, joining with Sobek.

Eventually, Anubis advanced through the ranks, facing opponents such as the Skaarj Szalor and Torgr, Lauren (who was resurrected as a Necris), Devastation (Liandri's newest household robot), and eventually reaching the quarterfinals. Before this phase, Malcolm approached him in order to get him into the Thunder Crash ranks. He rejects this... at first.

Eventually, he passed the Quarterfinals, and defeated Apophis, Selket's current boyfriend, at the semifinal match. Then, the finals came, and the opponent was none the more and none the less than Selket herself, who wasted Mirage in the previous match (according to her Ladder). The rules for this match were different to the rest of the Rites, as the last hit would also be the lethal one, killing whoever received it.

The final match ended with Anubis's victory over Selket, which also ended in her death, something he didn't want to do. Then, a Liandri officer aproaches him, giving him an offer he coudn't refuse: Liandri would pay the expensive Necris regeneration process for Selket, and he would become the corporation's emperor-puppet. He accepted the offer, saying that he doesn't deserve to lead the Nakhti, betraying everything he held dear.

His ladder takes place after the Rites. He ended up joining Thunder Crash alongside Sapphire, and faced a team of Nakhti, before getting into the finals with other two team leaders: Gorge (Marauders) and Brock (Necris Black Legion). He never got to meet the Necris version of Selket, though his ladder ends saying that he spent some weeks with her (now her queen) before the next edition of the Tournament.

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Quotes Edit

Sobek: "Another crap patrol for the best of the Imperial Legion."
Anubis: "I have friends in higher places."
Sobek: "Yeah, the kind of friends who put scorpions in your boots."
--Basic Training
Anubis: "I won't allow Selket to do this."
Sobek: "You two got history. I know that. But she ain't gonna ask your permission."
Anubis: "I leave for the capitol in the morning. Keep the men out of trouble."
Sobek: "Forget it. All that political bullshit you left behind? It's a hundred times worse now with Liandri on the picture."
Anubis: "No. She wanted me in the Tournament so badly. Now she gets her wish."
Sobek: "If you're serious you gonna need help. And I've been in the Tourney."
Anubis: "You weren't in the last Ascension Rites."
Sobek: "Nah. I ain't exactly emperor material. But I did spend a few years on the Liandri circuit."
Anubis: "When will you stop surprising me?"
Sobek: "When you start payin' attention. Figure I can show you a few tricks."
Anubis: "So be it. We start tonight."
--Basic Training
Sobek: "That was fun. Bots make for good target practice."
Anubis: "I look forward to thanking the Liandri personally."
Sobek: "Your funeral."
--Road to the Capitol
Sobek: "Are you sure about this... about her?"
Anubis: "I know her better than any other man. She must be stopped."
Sobek: "Maybe she's changed."
Anubis: "Selket is a viper. Her family wants the power of the scepter, not the duties of the throne."
Sobek: "Then you're gonna need somebody watchin' your six, kid. And I mean in the Tourney too. Need a partner."
Anubis: "I've already found a partner. A Legionnaire, in fact."
Sobek: "Really? Okay, fine, y'ain't gonna tell me everything."
Anubis: "You'd like him. An ornery, washed up sergeant. Too stupid to retire. Great shot, though."
Sobek: "Oh, sure, I'll partner with ya. But you gotta keep up."
--Road to the Capitol
Sobek: "How's it feel?"
Anubis: "It feels... right. Except... this. [points to his helmet] I feel like a mascot, not a warrior."
Sobek: "Your parents named you for the Jackal, not me."
Anubis: "A jackal is a dog! I am named for the God of Death!"
Sobek: "Hey, take it easy. Save this attitude for the camera."
Anubis: "I've spent hours filling out waiver forms, and I've got a deathmatch in the morning. And you want to practice again?"
Sobek: "Everything's different in a tourney arena. I don't want you to be caught off-guard."
Anubis: "Nothing could surprise me after this week."
Sobek: "[Points to him with the Rifle] Surprise, kid!"
Anubis: "What the... [gets teleported] ...hell are you doing?"
Sobek: "The teleporters changes things, huh?"
Anubis: "Another hour of practice couldn't hurt."
--Combat Training
Anubis: "I've failed you once before, forefathers, forgive me. But do not forgive their sacrilege. I will make you proud."
--Eternal Vigilance
Malcolm: "Hey, kid."
Anubis: "Malcolm."
Malcolm: "Yeah. Listen - I want you for my team in the real tourney. For Thunder Crash."
Anubis: "Thanks, but this is my home. Even if I do qualify, it ends here."
Malcolm: "Smart. Get out if you can. But you're too hot for your own good."
--A Moment's Reprieve
Apophis: "Anubis! Face me!"
Anubis: "You must be Apophis. Great."
Apophis: "Selket asked me to deliver a gift. I wanted to beat you in the Tourney, but I'll settle for this."
Anubis: "Speaking of settling... how is Selket?"
Apophis: "[to the guards] Get him! Rip him apart!"
--|A Moment's Reprieve
Selket: "Nervous? If you're feeling faint, you should sit down."
Anubis: "I'll manage."
--The Final
Selket: "Last chance to run. Coward."
Anubis: "The only thing I ever feared was what I saw in your heart. I tested you. And you failed."
Selket: "I failed? You were the one who turned tail and ran."
Anubis: "Your power-mad family arranged our marriage. But I didn't cared about that. I loved you. I left the Tournament to see what you wanted more: an emperor, or a husband."
Selket: "Excuses. You were afraid. Weak."
Anubis: "Believe what you want. Yeah, I left the Tournament. But you left me. And I didn't want to rule without you."
Selket: "I was a foolish girl with a crush. My family stopped me for chasing after you, and I thank them every day."
Anubis: "Your family stopped you?"
Selket: "They're waiting. Time to go."
Anubis: "Let them wait. I've waited for years. We don't have to..."
Selket: "No... more... lies! [Enters to the arena]"
Anubis: "I wish there were another way."
--The Final
Selket: "The Liandri will lead us out of the dark ages. Tradition means nothing to our people. I am the future now."
Anubis: "They're in for a surprise."
Selket: "The old ways are dead. You'll just have to die along with them."
--The Final
Liandri officer: "Emperor Anubis. We have so much to do! There's the coronation, your interview schedule..."
Anubis: "I was here to stop her, not to win. And now I've lost everything."
Liandri officer: "Don't be silly, your ratings are amazing! WE'd be honored to sponsor you in the Grand Tournament."
Anubis: "Fuck your tournament. I'm through."
Liandri officer: "It needn't end this way. She needn't end this way. Not even the Nakhti emperor can afford the Necris process."
Anubis: "But you could... is that what you mean?"
Liandri officer: "Exactly. You keep winning, we keep paying."
Anubis: "A deal with the devil."
Liandri officer: "It's all a matter of perspective."
Anubis: "Do it. I don't deserve to lead these people. [Leaves]"
Liandri officer: ""Fuck your tournament". That's perfect! We'll use it in the press release."

Taunts Edit

Anubis: "And stay down!"
Anubis: "This is my temple."
Anubis: "Enjoy the afterlife."
Anubis: "For the legion!"
Anubis: "I hope you're taking notes."
Anubis: "Unreal!"
Anubis: "Superior tactics."
Anubis: "Who wants some?"
Anubis: "I fight for the empire."
Anubis: "Fly to the gods."
Anubis: "The underworld awaits."
Anubis: "Join your ancestors."
Anubis: "I will become legend."
Anubis: "No problem."
Anubis: "Man, you don't look so good when you're all beat up."
Anubis: "Come on, is that all you've got?"
Anubis: "For the empire!"

Death taunts Edit

Anubis: "Good shot!"
Anubis: "Man down!"
Anubis: "Medic!"
Anubis: "Nice!"
Anubis: "Nice shot!"
Anubis: "I'm hit!"
Anubis: "What justice?"
Anubis: "Good one!"
Anubis: "Try that again!"
Anubis: "Lucky shot."
Anubis: "I have no regrets."
Anubis: "I fought well."
Anubis: "I'll remember that."
Anubis: "Reporting casualty."
Anubis: "May the gods shine on me."
Anubis: "I will be merciful."
Anubis: "I will make this as painless as I can."
Anubis: "You give me no choice."
Anubis: "Search and destroy."
Anubis: "Face me!"
Anubis: "Coward!"

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  • He is voiced by Dameon Clarke, who also voiced Cell from the Dragon Ball series.

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