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"As usual, Selket has chosen her man carefully. Her latest boyfriend, Apophis, is the scion of a powerful royal family. He's idolized throughout the land for his sports talents, not to mention his jawdropping beauty. His good looks are so heavily insured that the underwriting company requires him to wear a full-face helmet in the tournament."
- Character description

Apophis is a character in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Bio Edit

Apophis is Selket's boyfriend and one of the "antagonists" of the game. He spends most of the time alongside Selket (especially in her ladder, where the player can also take part in the punishment both the Liandri Bot and Malcolm alludes to in the Team Deathmatch cutscene of the Ascension Rites), but also fights in different teams (such as Devastation's).

He meets Anubis during "A Moment's Reprieve", where he orders some Nakhti guards to take him down. He also fights Anubis twice, canonically: the quarterfinals and the semifinals, where he's eliminated by Anubis who then kills Selket in the finals. Probably struck by grief, he joins the Liandri tournament in Brock's ladder but is swiftly eliminated by him.

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Taunts Edit

Apophis: "And stay down!"
Apophis: "Owned!"
Apophis: "Ownage!"
Apophis: "Talk to the hand."
Apophis: "You suck!"
Apophis: "Unreal!"
Apophis: "Take it!"
Apophis: "Who wants some?"
Apophis: "Next!"
Apophis: "Step aside."
Apophis: "Damn, I'm good."
Apophis: "Loser!"
Apophis: "I'm on fire!"
Apophis: "That had to hurt!"
Apophis: "Tag 'em and bag 'em."
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "You'll never get her back!"
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "She loves *me* now!"
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "Does the Legion know you can't fight?"
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "Soon, *I* will be emperor."

Death taunts Edit

Apophis: "Good shot!"
Apophis: "Holy shit!"
Apophis: "Medic!"
Apophis: "Nice!"
Apophis: "Nice shot!"
Apophis: "Ouch!"
Apophis: "Is that your best?"
Apophis: "Good one!"
Apophis: "Try that again!"
Apophis: "Lucky shot."
Apophis: "Bad news."
Apophis: "Impossible!"
Apophis: "That's just wrong."
Apophis: "I can't feel my legs!"
Apophis: "Oh, son of a bitch!"
Apophis: "Fear me."
Apophis: "Time to start a killing spree."
Apophis: "You can't hide."
Apophis: "Where are you?"
Apophis: "You don't have a chance."
Apophis: "Are you camping?"
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "No more play, Anubis, now you die!"
Apophis (vs. Anubis): "So the jackal has teeth?"

Trivia Edit

  • He was going to be a playable character from the go, but didn't made it in time, so he was released as DLC alongside other characters. No ladders were made for him, though.
  • He's voiced by Jim Foronda, who voiced the Doctor Mindbender from the G.I. Joe series, Denny Brosh from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Clow Reed in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

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