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AS- Fallen City

An attacker playing AS-Fallen City (UT 2004).

Assault is a team based gametype in Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004. Assault and Onslaught are the only gametypes in UT 2004 that have vehicles.



The objective for an attacker is to complete all the missions before the time runs out. The attacker may have to turn switches, destroy doors and escape the battlefield. The round ends when the attackers complete all missions, or when the time runs out. The faster attackers win the round, the less time the attackers will have to defend next round.


AS- Fallen City -defender

A defender defending the Barricade in AS-Fallen City (UT 2004).

The objective for a defender is to prevent the attackers from completing all the missions and winning the match. Usually an entire team will "camp" by an objective to prevent attackers from destroying doors, turning switches etc. The longer a team defends, the more time a team has to attack next round.


  • The attackers must complete the missions in order, no exceptions.
  • If an attacker starts to turn a lever and dies, the lever will stay in that position. Defenders cannot put the lever back into its original position (UT 2004 only).
  • If an attacker is in close proximity, a siren will sound to both teams (UT 2004 only).
  • There are a few vehicles that are only found in AS maps. A few examples are the Ion Tank, Human and Skarrj spacecraft and minigun turrets.

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