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The Assault Rifle is a weapon in Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004. It is one of the default weapons players spawn with, the others being the Translocator and the Shield Gun. It replaces the Enforcer from UT99.


The assault rifle is a decent starting weapon that may get you out of a jam if you’ve just spawned in a really bad predicament. However, expect to find yourself running for the nearest new weapon as soon as possible. The assault rifle’s primary fire is similar to a machine gun: high rate of fire with moderate accuracy. Its secondary fire launches a timed grenade. Hold down the alternate fire button to shoot the grenade further.

It is possible to pick up a second assault rifle (if an enemy had one equipped when he or she died) and wield dual assault rifles. In this configuration the weapon becomes more potent. In deathmatch games, toss grenades into crowded rooms to score a kill against a wounded foe. If you spawn near an enemy vehicle in onslaught, toss a grenade at it while you move to the nearest weapons locker; you may score a kill against a damaged vehicle.


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