Betrayal on DM - Deck UT3

A player playing Betrayal on Deck (UT3).


Betrayal is a gametype found in Unreal Tournament 3.


The objective in Betrayal is to reach the game limit by getting points. A player can obtain these points by killing enemy players or betraying their team mates. A players team mates will also have collected points by killing enemies. The points will go into the "pot". If you betray them, you will collect your teams points in the "pot". The pot is the number of kills a team has on enemies. You must not get killed by the player you betrayed or the player will get extra points. In Betrayal, the Instagib rifle is the only weapon.


  • Betrayal was one of two gametypes introduced in the Titan Pack DLC, the other being Greed.
  • Betrayal uses the standard Deathmatch maps.
  • The only way to betray your team mates is to use the alternate fire of an instagib rifle.

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