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Creature Information



Creature Type|

Wildlife, Aquatic, Harmless (Easy)


Bite (2)

Death Message|

& was killed by a Biterfish


The Biterfish are small fish found in the waters of Na Pali in Unreal. They can cause a minor amount of damage by biting the player. They mostly rely on attacking the player in an entire school, the Biterfish are rarely found in small numbers. On Easy mode, Biterfish are simply ambient creatures that cannot attack the player. Biterfish cannot be killed by a hitscan weapon, the player has to use a weapon with splash damage. It is usually better to just swim around the Biterfish instead of wasting ammo on them, as long as the player is vigilant they should not get injured by the Biterfish. They are formidable foes in schools, but not much of a threat as individuals.

Found in LevelsEdit


  • The Biterfish in the 1998 beta had sharp teeth and were purple.

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