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Bombing Run is a gametype in Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.


The objective of the game is to bring a ball, positioned within a relatively neutral point in the map, which is placed in the middle of the map, to the opposing team's goal, near the enemy team's starting spawn point.

Each team starts on opposite sides and each base has a Hoop. The bomb spawns in the center of the map.

When you grab the ball, you are forced to wield the Ball Launcher, preventing you from shooting at your opponents. The Ball Launcher also drains the energy from the Translocator, preventing the ball carrier from tossing the ball and translocating to move faster. This option can be disabled though.

Once a team scores, everything, including the ball and players, are reset several seconds after a score (players respawn without losing a life and with the same inventory).

The ball will be reset if no one touches it for fifteen seconds, or if it enters an area which will kill players.


To score, your team must collect the ball, and successfully run it into the other team's base. Once there, you must score by getting the ball through the goal hoop

You can score in one of two ways:

  • Running through the goal will score your team 7 points.
  • Shooting the ball into the goal will score your team 3 points.

You also get these scores if you are the one who delivered the ball, plus the regular Deathmatch scores for fragging other players.


Bombing Run is played out similarly in strategy, at times, to Capture the Flag due to its two team nature and the design of its maps. Yet, the fact that the ball carrier can't use weapons adds some elements of strategy over simply carrying the flag in CTF.

The best Bombing Run strategy is to pass the bomb frequently. Because the ball carrier is being hunted by the entire enemy team, that player's health is likely to be in serious jeopardy. By passing the bomb to healthier players, a team is ensured a longer run. The Ball Launcher's alt-fire is very useful for this purpose because it locks on to nearby teammates for a more accurate pass. Also, support is necessary for the Carrier to make it all the way to the enemy hoop. Lots of dodging is recommended for the Carrier. Usually everyone playing in the match will go for the ball carrier, so there isn't anyone staying behind to guard the hoop (this works because players respawn by their hoop, in the way of the Carrier).

If a ball carrier is being assaulted by the enemy in his own base, a good tactic is to throw the ball off the map so it will be reset farther away from the Hoop.

Offensively, many players use what is called "punting" to get across maps faster, or to shoot the ball in the enemy goal for 3 points from a greater distance. To punt, you must have a Shock Rifle in your inventory, and it must be the weapon that pulls up when you launch the ball. Simply launch the ball high into the air, and, while it is sailing, shoot it with the Shock Rifle. This will give the ball a great deal of additional momentum, which can easily be seen by practicing this strategy on BR-Colossus. Although the ball gets reset fairly shortly, so excessive punting is not possible.


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