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Brock is a playable character appearing in the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

Brock is a human Tournament competitor who comes from a rich, Martian family. He is a real ladies man and a bit of a hothead.

He joined the Iron Guard who served as personal bodyguards to the powerful arms smuggler Jihan Nyhn. After Nyhn's assassination, the then unemployed Iron Guard joined the Tournament to vent their aggression (UT).

For a while, Brock was the boyfriend of his team mate Lauren, who was said to be Jihan Nyhn's lover before that.

In the 2302 Tournament Brock fought alongside Malcolm, and gained much respect for him (UT2003, UT2004). After Malcolm's defeat by Gorge, Brock tried to avenge Malcolm by ambushing Gorge outside the Tournament arena on the planet Deneb IV. Gorge needed less than a minute to react and kill Brock. Wrought with grief, Lauren took her own life.

After his death, the Liandri Mining Corporation paid the Phayder Corporation an huge amount of money to have the popular Brock resurrected as Necris, effectively turning him into Liandri property. The process caused him to lose all memories of his previous life. Lauren was also resurrected, without losing her memories, but making her only marginally sane. Brock and Lauren didn't get back together.

As a Necris, he has fought in the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rights, armed with his new signature weapon, the Dark Staff (UC2).

Unreal Tournament Edit

"Brock's combat abilities are second only to his presense of character. When he's not trying to seduce the ladies, he'll be in the arena, pulse gun in hand."
- Character description

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Edit

"Fresh from the interstellar academy, a scion from a rich Martian family. It is rumored he killed his mentor during training, but had his father bribe the authorities. Can be a hothead, but mostly tends to do things by the book."
- Character description

Unreal Championship 2 Edit

"Malcolm's loyal teammate, Brock attempted to avenge his defeat and kill Gorge. His death was predictable. He was resurrected via the patented Necris process. Unlike his former girlfriend, Lauren, Brock has no memories of his previous life. Unburdened by remorse, he's free to kill in the tournament again."
- Character description

Appearance Edit

Clothing Edit

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Quotes Edit

Taunts Edit

Brock: "Bring forth the rain of blood!"
Brock: "Owned!"
Brock: "Ownage!"
Brock: "Death sets you free."
Brock: "Didn't feel a thing."
Brock: "Unreal!"
Brock: "Take it!"
Brock: "Thank you, necris process."
Brock: "Nice corpse."
Brock: "Life is pain -- get over it!"
Brock: "Welcome to my pain."
Brock: "Pain will purify you."
Brock: "Life is weakness."
Brock: "Blood!"
Brock: "Fresh meat!"

Death Taunts Edit

Brock: "Good shot!"
Brock: "I'll be back, again and again."
Brock: "Morbid."
Brock: "Nice!"
Brock: "Nice shot!"
Brock: "Oh, son of a bitch!"
Brock: "Is that your best?"
Brock: "Good one!"
Brock: "Try that again!"
Brock: "Lucky shot."
Brock: "Bad news."
Brock: "Impossible!"
Brock: "Cold blooded."
Brock: "I feel no pain."
Brock: "Kill me all you want."
Brock: "I'll swallow your soul."
Brock: "You bore me."
Brock: "Lost is your soul."
Brock: "I hunger."
Brock: "Let me show you hell."
Brock: "I am the deathbringer."

Trivia Edit

  • Brock is one of the two characters to appear in the opening sequence of Unreal Tournament 99, the other being Xan.
  • Brock makes a cameo in the intro movie of Unreal Championship, the same which is reused later for Unreal Tournament 2003.
  • Many argue whether the Unreal Championship storyline takes place in the same universe as the Unreal Tournament Universe. Mostly considering UT3's inclusion of respawners in many places on Earth (and beyond), implying that an assassination, even so, the death of a character would be very unlikely, thus making Brock's (and Lauren's) deaths, a debate for many fans.

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