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"One asteroid, two towers ... Ten thousand headshots."
- Map description

CTF-Face3 (whose full name is Facing Worlds 3) is a map appearing in the following games:

Map description Edit

Except for the namesake and the asteroid upon which the arena is set, Facing Worlds 3 offers a different experience altogether, both in terms of aesthetic appeal as well as gameplay. With Egyptian themes slapped all over the place and the skies now radiant with daylight, the map now features jump pads to scale the gaps. The Lightning Gun replaces the Sniper Rifle, still allowing the snipers to pick the enemies from far away.

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • The sniping tower is a perfect spot for campers. The area respawns Health pickups, Shield pack and Lightning Gun ammo, all under the same roof.

Trivia Edit

  • The Egyptian themed Facing Worlds 3 is the most different from the original, out of all the 'Facing Worlds' maps.
  • In Unreal Tournament 2004, only the map Facing Worlds Classic appears in the CTF ladder for Single Player mode, probably to avoid redundancy.

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