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"This volatile world has an extremely low orbit around a superdense gas giant. The resulting gravitational forces have caused the planetary mantle to collapse. Combatants are issued special gravbelts for each match."
- Map description

CTF-LavaGiant (whose full name is The Lava Giant) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament. A large arena expanding over widespread lava, this map provides the player with everything for an audacious head-on attack or a technical sneak attack. The lava will kill players instantly, so be cautious.

Map description Edit

This is a vast outdoor map a bit similar to Facing Worlds. Both teams have a small fort at either end of the map with a very tall cliff between them. Between the cliff and each base is a huge no man's land with three upper and two lower passes. The open nature of the map makes it an excellent proving ground for snipers—and for that reason, both forts have a Sniper Rifle right at the front. The lower passes, however, are quite safe - except the one on the right (when viewed from the red base) whose center is exposed. Entrance to the forts is done via either translocating over the walls, using Jump Boots or using the rear entrance.

The layout of the forts is slightly different, so they will both be explained separately:

Red fort Edit

Ground level:

|   |  |   |
|H H|  |H H|
|___|  |___|
|=   __   =|
|P  |  |   |
|   \  /   |
|  S || R  |

S: Shock Rifle and two pieces of ammo.
R: Ripper and two stacks of blades.
P: Pulse Gun and two energy cells (beneath the ramp).
H: Health Pack.
=: Ramp.
There are Jump Boots on the Pulse Gun ramp.
There are rockets beneath the other ramp and a Body Armor on it.
The enclosed area in the middle contains the flag.


| |       | |
| |       | |
| |__   __| |

S: Sniper Rifle.
The hole in the inner surface marks the location where you can drop down to the flag.
There is a wall in front of the Sniper Rifle which you can use as a hiding spot,
   everywhere else the wall doesn't extend to this height.
Note: it is possible to jump/translocate even higher, to the top of the fort to see
   the lower passages, but this makes you highly visible and exposed to counter-sniping.

Blue fort Edit

Ground level:

|__|  |__|
|==|  |==|
|P      R|
|  \__/  |
|__ S  __|

P: Plasma Gun and ammo (under the ramp), Jump Boots (on the ramp).
R: Ripper and ammo (under the ramp), Body Armor (on the ramp).
S: Shock Rifle and ammo.
=: Ramp to next level.

    |   |
| | | F | | |
| |  \ /  | |
| |  | |  | |
|_|__| |__|_|

S: Sniper Rifle.
F: Flag (right above the ground entrance).
The two enclosed places are foxhole-like towers with a window - great for snipers.
The wall between the towers extend to their top, this and the fact that the flag
    is not on the ground makes the blue fort more defensible.

Middle land Edit

Of the five passages connecting the bases to each other, the rightmost one (when seen from the red base) contains nothing but has a narrow corridor to the lower left passage, which contains the level's only Rocket Launcher. The middle passage has a Shield Belt right in the middle. The leftmost passage has a set of Thigh Pads and a Redeemer. The latter is situated above a pool of lava, which means you should either step lightly or use the Translocator. This room is also visible from the lower left passage.

Both lower passages meet at one point before the bases; the left side has a Flak Cannon at the red side and a Minigun at the blue side. The other has a Bio Rifle at the red side. The right side of the blue base and the left of the red base are exposed to infiltrators from the lower passages due to a ramp (and a Bio Rifle); the other side doesn't have a ramp, but attackers can still translocate through (and get a Minigun in the process).

This is the final Capture the Flag map in the Dreamcast edition of Unreal Tournament.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
Bio Rifle Weapon: 2
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 2x Middle Land.
Ammo: 4x Middle Land.
Shock Rifle Weapon: 2
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 1x Red Base. 1x Blue Base.
Ammo: 2x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Pulse Gun Weapon: 3
Ammo: 6
Weapon: 1x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Ammo: 2x Red Base. 4x Blue Base.
Ripper Weapon: 2
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 1x Red Base. 1x Blue Base.
Ammo: 2x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Minigun Weapon: 2
Ammo: 6
Weapon: 2x Middle Land.
Ammo: 6x Middle Land.
Flak Cannon Weapon: 2
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 2x Middle Land.
Ammo: 4x Middle Land.
Rocket Launcher Weapon: 1
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 1x Middle Land.
Ammo: 1x Red Base. 2x Middle Land. 1x Blue Base.
Sniper Rifle Weapon: 3
Ammo: 4
Weapon: 1x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Ammo: 2x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Redeemer Weapon: 1
Ammo: -
Weapon: 1x Middle Land.
Ammo: -

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 19 8x Red Base. 4x Middle Land. 7x Blue Base.
Body Armor 3 1x Red Base. 1x Middle Land. 1x Blue Base.
Thigh Pads 1 1x Middle Land.
Shield Belt 1 1x Middle Land.
Jump Boots 2 1x Red Base. 1x Blue Base.
Damage Amplifier 1 1x Middle Land.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • If you have both Low Gravity and Jump Pads enabled, you could theoretically translocate to the top of the cliff (or if you have the ChaosUT mod, fire the grapple right above you - it will grab the top of the map so you can swing up there, Tarzan-style). Even though there is nothing up there, it can still be used as a vantage point.
  • The Shield Belt is clearly visible from both sides, so a sniper can ward off early attackers before a teammate can snatch it.

Trivia Edit

  • The retail version of the game features Raw Steel as the rival team.
  • A beta version of the map had extra sniper spots on the red base and some changes in the weapon/item placement.

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