"An experimental orbital nuclear reactor; abandoned after funding for the project dried up. High radiation levels and waste leakage offer an environmental challenge for Tournament combatants."
Map description


CTF-Niven (whose full name is Niven Experimental Lab) is a map in Unreal Tournament.

The arena is a multi-tiered defensive map, which will give you a rough time in tracking down the enemy flag carrier. You can also do the same to your opponents as well.

Map description Edit

It is a simple map which can hold up to four players, two on each team. The map consists on two bases connected to the central area with "?"-shaped passages, each holding a Shock Rifle. Each side of the central area and both bases has different weapon/item placement.

The central area is composed by a large reactor which cannot be entered, but players can swim into the coolant below it. There are also two ramps, one per side, leading to some ledges ending in each side of the base.

The asymmetrical weapon/item design, not to mention the infamous corridors to the flag, guaranteed that the map wouldn't be popular.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 2 4 1x Middle Land. 5x Middle Land.
Shock Rifle 2 4 1x Red Base. 1x Blue Base. 2x Red Base. 2x Blue Base.
Ripper 1 2 1x Red Base. 2x Red Base.
Minigun 1 2 1x Blue Base. 2x Blue Base.
Flak Cannon 1 2 1x Middle Land. 2x Middle Land.
Rocket Launcher 1 2 1x Middle Land. 4x Middle Land.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 4 4x Middle Land.
Body Armor 1 1x Red Base.
Thigh Pads 1 1x Blue Base.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Practice your shock combo skills, as you'll need to use them a lot in this map.

Offense Edit

  • Get a lot of health and all the armor you can pick before entering the base. Remember that the enemy base has only one entrance and only one exit.
  • While escaping with the flag, try to get the armor and impact-jump your way to the top. It's the fastest route.
  • Another alternative is to go to the ramp, without picking anything up, and avoiding the enemy fire. Be prepared, though, if they can get in your way by translocating.
  • By all means, except before entering to the enemy base for their flag, avoid the coolant pool like the plague.

Defense Edit

  • On defense, stay near the Shock Rifle, but far from the doors.

Trivia Edit

  • The PS2 version lacks the underwater route.

External links and references Edit

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