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"For thousands of years, these stone titans stood vigilant over an impenetrable fortress of iron and stone, a focal point of the heavily defended border between the Verans and the Pangol. Liandri representatives provided both sides with advanced weaponry in return for valuable mining concessions. The few remaining Pangol now eke out a subsistence living as miners, and there are no more Verans."
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CTF-TitanPass (whose full name is Titan Pass) is a map in Unreal Tournament 4.

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  • The map was officially introduced in the 2014 October 27th. update, and had the working name of CTF-Outside.[1] Its name was later changed to the actual TitanPass on the 2015 September 16th. update.[2]

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  2. 2015 September 16th. update release notes @ UT Wiki

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