About the UT weaponsEdit

In the Tournament, you are provided with weapons to fight opponets. Raging from Pistols, Machine guns, Energy Rifles, and Rockets.

List of WeaponsEdit

Impact HammerEdit

The games melee weapon, primary fire charges it up. And when you run into someone, watch the gib chunks fly through the air. The Secondary fire is not used that often, as it does a small charged impact and deflects projectiles. Replaces the Dispersion Pistol.


The Starting weapon of the match, this is your sidearm you can save if you run out in the other weapons. This is the cousin of the Automag, the fire modes are the same. Except, the Enforcer primary fire is slower. The ammo has changed, the clips provide 30 ammo and are a silver color, while the boxes of bullets are the same amount. And the box itself looks like a container with a lid. Another new thing, you can grab another Enforcer, and dual wield for awesomness.

GES Bio RifleEdit

Same features, different design. It shoots faster, and the alt fire charge can be held. The weapon does more damage than it's cousin, and the blobs are lighter. The weapon is in Slot 3, making it easier to switch to.

ASMD Shock RifleEdit

This thing is like it's cousin, the name is the same. But the words "Shock Rifle" have been placed. This has the properties of the original ASMD, it has the same Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary fire modes. The Tertiary fire mode has been improved since you've been playing with this is Unreal. The Explosion has now been made into an orb, and a circle. The Shock orbs move faster, and the beam is thinner and doesnt look like circles combined into a form of a beam.

Pulse GunEdit

This thing has no relation to the Stinger:

1. It shoots Plasma.

2. The Alternate fire is a beam.

And 3. The Old Skool HUD in UT doesnt show the Stinger's ammo Icon, it places a bleary version of it's own ammo Icon there.

Here's the real explanation of this bad boy, the weapon fires green orbs that do good damage. The Alternate fire beam deals good damage, keep this on the enemy if you wanna kill them. This is good in Deathmatch and Assault games against bots.


Much easier to shoot heads off, good this is, the alternate fire doesn't shoot some shitty guided mode like the original. It now shoots explosive blades, making it both a projectile and explosive weapon. Good in all matches.


Once you get your hands on this baby, you'll notice it has improved since it's old version. The Primary fire is more faster and accurate, while the Alternate however is the same but stronger. Can tear through both Monsters and Bots in seconds.

Flak CannonEdit

Uh oh, our favorite Shotgun is back. This time, it shoots faster, ripping anything apart. The Alternate fire bomb can kill almost any bot in one shot to the face.

Rocket LauncherEdit

Faster, Better, Longer, and Weaker. This has pretty much the same things the Eightball has, just the grenades are bigger but thinner. The Rockets are faster but less damaging. Use it on groups of enemies, and objectives you need to destroy in Assault.

Sniper RifleEdit

A real Sniper Rifle this time, not that Unreal 1 version which looks more of a Hunting Rifle. This thing is nothing but a repeated opinion of how the Enforcer and Automag compare. A real scope this time too, this can be useful on Facing Worlds, you can snipe as long as you want. If bots have this, tell them to hold position on your base' roof.


Replacing the Dispersion Pistol Powerup, this baby shoots a missle that makes a big explosion. Try to use it at a safe range, you don't want to see yourself in pieces. You can guide the missle through it's center camera screen on the tip of it. Be aware, you are a sitting duck, find some shelter when you launch it. Also, it can be shot down, so try and move it around.


Isn't in default maps, so you need to spawn it. This thing may look strong, but it isn't. Use it only on Monsters or Objectives in Assault.

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