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The Axon Cicada is a vehicle that is found in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. It is an airborne vehicle that has rocket pods mounted on its side which can be shot from the air. It also can be held to hold up to 16 rockets in the pods and launch in a volley of rockets which can kill its target immediately (ground-deployed fighters).


In UT2004, The Cicada is a vehicle only given through the Mega Pack, and appears in 3 of the 5 maps for Onslaught given from the pack. UT3 has the vehicle, along with the other 2 from UT2004's Mega Pack, as full-alledged vehicles and come with the game. There, however, Cicadas are the rarest of the 3, only making a large appearance in Torlan and a few other maps. Typically, when Cicadas are on a map, there is one or two, seldom ever more than this, but it is possible.


  • Agile for its health
  • Strong against many vehicles
  • Destroys Goliaths easily


  • Rare
  • Not very useful against Raptors and fast moving targets such as the Manta

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