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The CAR.

The M32 Combat Assault Rifle (CAR), dubbed 'duster' by marines, is the standard issue assault rifle of the various terran forces (including the marines and the colonial authority). You receive this weapon from the start of the game and it may be the most versatile weapon you encounter.

The M32's primary fire mode is an automatic stream of bullets, useful at medium to long ranges, and the alternate fire mode shoots a cluster of uranium shards that detonate on impact and ricochet in a flak pattern. It is very useful at close range and to bounce shots around corners.

It feeds off box magazines in bullpup configuration, each containing 75 rounds. Isaak describes the rounds themselves as 'depleted uranium shards', although he does not specify how they function. He does mention they are caseless, but 'build up a nasty dust', from where the nickname 'Duster' comes. The dust must be ejected when reloading.

It appears to cycle the rounds through some sort of rotating cylinder that can be seen on the side of the weapon, and, upon triggering the alternate fire, all five shards loaded in the cylinder would be shot without being detonated somehow (?).

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