"The remnant of an old refinery now serves as a location for your duels. Use its intricate layout to your advantage and don't lose track of your enemy."
- Map description

DM-1on1-Roughinery (whose full name is Roughinery) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Map description Edit

This map is a manifestation of Z-axis gameplay. Together with its complex system of narrow walkways you might as well call this map a 3-dimensional maze. It can be divided in three areas:

  • Rocket Launcher Area (dark purple): The chunk at the northwest portion of the map. Holds the eponymous weapon and a basement zone which we're going to call Super Shield Basement.
  • Double Health Area (light green): The zone that comprises the southeast and southwest quadrants of the map.
  • Link Gun Area (pink): The northeast zone of the map.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 2
Weapon: Double Health to Link Gun upper level passage at the very east of the map.
Ammo: Near the Bio Rifle.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 3
Weapon: Double Health Area, lower level.
Ammo: 2x Near the Shock Rifle. 1x Link Gun Area, end of the north upper level ramp.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: -
Weapon: Link Gun Area, at the turning of the mid-to-upper level ramp.
Ammo: 2x Near the Link Gun.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 2
Weapon: Double Health Area, at the end of the lower-to-mid level platform.
Ammo: Rocket Launcher Area, in a ledge above the 2x Health Pack.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 2
Weapon: Link Gun Area, lower level, at the northeast turn.
Ammo: 1x Next to the Flak Cannon. 1x Double Health area, in a ledge coming from the Link Gun Area with direct sight of the Shock Rifle.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 3
Weapon: Rocket Launcher Area, in a ledge by way of a ramp coming from the lower level.
Ammo: 2x Rocket Launcher Area, at the base of the lower-to-mid ramp in front of the Rocket Launcher. 1x Link Gun Area, end of the north upper level ramp.
Weapon: 1
Ammo: 2
Weapon: Rocket Launcher area, at the north upper level walkway.
Ammo: 1x Link Gun Area, end of the north upper level ramp. 1x Double Health area, in a ledge coming from the Link Gun Area with direct sight of the Shock Rifle.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
13 5x Super Shield basement. 4x Ledge reachable only by liftjumping. 4x Double Health Area, in a mid-to-upper level thin ramp.
6 2x Rocket Launcher Area, below a ledge next to the basement entrance. 2x Link Gun Area, lower level, next to the Flak Cannon. 2x Double Health Area, at a walkway around the Shock Rifle.
1 Double Health Area, at the upper level bridge.
1 Super Shield Basement, at the turn.
1 Rocket Launcher Area, upper level, at the end of the west ledge.
5 Rocket Launcher Area, upper level, at the UDamage corridor.

Walkthrough Edit

The bots eligible for this match are Avalanche, Kain, Nafiret, Natron, Perdition, Phantom, Silhouette, Sorrow, Sphinx, Stargazer, Tranquility and Vengeance.

The arena can be switched to DM-1on1-Albatross for 55 game units.

After this match, the map can also be fought as part of the Head-To-Head challenges.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • This map makes heavy use of trickjumping.
  • At the Double Health area, take the lift and do a liftjump in the direction of the Shock Rifle/Shield Pack in order to reach some helpful vials.
    • With the same elevator, go the opposite side in order to reach the Adrenaline pills and take a quick shortcut to the UDamage.
  • The map is pretty generous with the dodging ramps. These ramps cannot be walked in, but players can dodge, dodge-jump or wall-dodge them in order to quickly reach places faster than their opponents.
  • You can escape the one-way basement by weaponjumping. You have three places to escape: two near the Super Shield itself and a third one at the deadend with two options for a quick escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the high amount of tricks the level allowed, during the early days of UT2004, the map and Slainchild's framerate-optimized "Fixed" version, was pretty popular for tournament play, as it appeared in the mappool for plenty of big name tournaments.

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