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Absalom (Unreal Tournament)

DM-Absalom is a Deathmatch and Capture The Flag arena released for Unreal Tournament, Absalom is a medium size arena which features:

  • A circular room
  • a grand hall
  • a bridge that goes across some water

Weapon locationsEdit

  • Rocket Launcher: entrance of the grand hall
  • Bio Rifle: behind an urn in the grand hall hallway
  • Flak Cannon: behind an urn in the grand hall hallway
  • Minigun: on the bridge
  • Ripper: entrance of circular room


  • Absalom was named after Omicron 6 capital city in Unreal Tournament 3
  • This map is also used as a Capture The Flag arena
  • Absalom is not a popular map which is why it is not being remade for the later Unreal games
  • The skybox is not very eyecatchy and is not like the other maps

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