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"Liandri biowaste reprocessing plant. Transforms society's filth into lucrative energy."
Map description


DM-AcidRain (whose full name is Acid Rain) is a map in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Map description Edit

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 4 Above the Super Adrenaline.
Health Pack 3
Super Health 1 Dual Lifts' exit area.
Energy Ammo 6
Explosive Ammo 7
Adrenaline 5
Super Adrenaline 1 In the Rear Bridge area, next to the stairs.
UDamage 1 On the bridge in the central Refinery Courtyard

Walkthrough Edit

Challenges Edit

"Your search throughout the realms for the greatest of warriors has led you to the Liandri Tournament. Now you can test two of its greatest champions."
Map description


In this match you play as Raiden. Epic has set a score to beat of 185.

Win this match to unlock Raiden.

Gorge's Ladder Edit

"Axon Research Corporation designed your new armor for this year's tournament. As your equipment sponsor, they get a percentage of your winnings. And they will be very unhappy if you don't win."
Map description


Malcolm's Ladder Edit

"The luck of the draw has you matched up against Sobek in the second round. You may be getting old, but Sobek is already there."
Map description


Sapphire's Ladder Edit

"Defeating Arclite in the semi-final finally got some attention for your combat ability. Malcolm was so impressed that he talked about your performance for his entire post-match commentary. The Liandri asked him to participate in your tournament final against Lauren, to scout you for his elite team, the Thunder Crash. It's a bit unorthodox, but the Liandri know that the more starpower in the finals, the better the ratings."
Map description


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