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"Located atop the frozen Qattara Mountains, this Imperial Legion watchtower was recently modified for Ascension."
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DM-Apex (whose full name is Apex) is a map in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

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"Your training is complete, but Sobek has one last test for you. Match your strength and stamina against his experience. If you win, he'll join your team for the tournament."
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Anubis and Sobek finally arrive to the Capitol. They're getting ready for the Tournament. But Anubis doesn't feel that his new costume suits him.

Sobek: "How's it feel?"
Anubis: "It feels... right. Except... this." [points to his helmet] "I feel like a mascot, not a warrior."
Sobek: "Your parents named you for the Jackal, not me."
Anubis: "A jackal is a dog! I am named for the God of Death!"
Sobek: "Hey, take it easy. Save this attitude for the camera."
Anubis: "I've spent hours filling out waiver forms, and I've got a deathmatch in the morning. And you want to practice again?"
Sobek: "Everything's different in a tourney arena. I don't want you to be caught off-guard."
Anubis: "Nothing could surprise me after this week."

(Sobek points his gun towards Anubis)

Sobek: "Surprise, kid!"
Anubis: "What the..." [gets teleported] "...hell are you doing?"
Sobek: "The teleporters changes things, huh?"
Anubis: "Another hour of practice couldn't hurt."
Sobek: "Now yer talkin'."

Brock's Ladder Edit

"It's time to start over. The Liandri have given you a second chance in the Tournament by sponsoring your Necris treatment. Use this gift to prove that you can become a tournament champion without the help of Malcolm or Lauren. Not that you remember them, anyway."
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Devastation's Ladder Edit

"Most biological lifeforms do not react at their full potential under conditions of low gravity. Use this to your advantage with calculated movement and superior aiming."
Map description


Win this match to unlock the LowGrav mutator.

Torgr's Ladder Edit

"Your vision of total galactic Skaarj dominance is so clear that it is practically a fact, just waiting for the historic moments to come. You see yourself at the head of the Skaarj armies, as Consort to the Queen. You will earn this role by winning the Liandri grand tournament. You will be a prophet, a general, and an executioner."
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