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"This arena's solid design was crucial in Nakhti's successful bid to host a Liandri qualifying tournament."
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DM-Ascension (whose full name is Ascension) is a map in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Map description Edit

DM-Ascension is located inside a giant courtyard with hallways in its exterior and a small temple in the center. An Overdose variant of the map was shipped with the official bonus content, OD-Ascension.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 6
Health Pack 4
Super Health 1 On a platform beneath the pathway to the giant scarab.
Energy Ammo 8
Explosive Ammo 8
Adrenaline 6
Super Adrenaline 1 On the side of the courtyard with no upper level pathways.
UDamage 1 Inside the temple, on the upper level.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The roof of the temple can be reached by using Nimble or wall jumps.

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Challenges Edit

"Just a few years ago, Thunder Crash was an unstoppable team, but time has taken its toll. Malcolm's a little older, and Lauren and Brock are a little ... deader. Prove your inherent superiority by beating them all at once, without adrenaline."
Map description


In this challenge, the player plays as Devastation.

Devastation's Ladder Edit

"Complaints have been registered concerning your superior processing and combat capability. In a useless attempt to level the playing field, your internal clock will not be helpful for timing powerup spawns."
Map description


Your allies for this match are Mirage and Korig.

Win this match to unlock the Random Pickup Respawn mutator.

Lauren's Ladder Edit

"While you were suffering at the hands of the Phayder technicians, Skaarj lobbyists successfully added the Nali Slaughter ritual to the tournament as an official sport."
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Raiden's Ladder Edit

"In the last match, Szalor proved that he may be the warrior you have been seeking. He possesses true potential to unite an army against the coming storm. Test him one on one in the tournament finals."
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Raptor's Ladder Edit

"Lauren is one of the fastest competitors in the tournament, which will make this match a challenge. Her small size means that if you do catch her, she'll break easily. There won't be any health packs for repairing, so you'll have to conserve adrenaline for upgrades if you want to win the trophy."
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Selket's Ladder Edit

"Special tournament rules will allow you to loot your fallen enemies in this battle. You can't wait to levy new taxes on your people to support construction of your temples of glory. Memphis and Nepthys can think of this as an initial payment."
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Win this match to unlock the Looting mutator.

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