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"These ruins are surrounded by the mist-filled canyons of the Qattara foothills. A beautiful view, but watch your step."
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DM-Azure (whose full name is Azure) is a map in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

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"Walking on walls is nothing new for an elder god, but the Nali and your opponents aren't so comfortable with this rules variant."
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Win this match to unlock the Wall Crawl mutator.

Selket's Ladder Edit

"Apophis has entered the tournament to prove he is worthy of being your betrothed. He's pleasant to look at, his wealth doesn't hurt, and he does everything you ask. What he doesn't realize is his blind obedience means he'll never be worthy of you. He's a safe partner, though, because he'll never try to win the throne as long as you want it."
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This is the match where Apophis and Selket punish their opponents while Anubis and Sobek were getting their respective opponents off in the Ascension Rites, pretty much confirming that Selket's ladder is indeed canonical.

In this match, Apophis is your partner.

Sobek's Ladder Edit

"Lauren and Garek are two serious competitors who deserve respect for their abilities. Apophis, on the other hand, is just a royal family prettyboy who thinks he owns the arena. Put him in his place."
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"Your deadly blades and razik give you a huge advantage in this no-rifles match. Make use of your charged poison attack to slow down your opponents, so you can get close enough to gut them from crotch to sternum."
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"This amusing game of your people has been added to the tournament schedule. A match like this would normally be an easy win against inferior races, but you have drawn another Skaarj as one of your opponents. You will need to expend mild effort."
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