"A mysterious and ancient alien castle that hovers above an electrical storm, Orion's Barricade makes for a delightfully dangerous arena of battle."
- Map description

DM-Barricade (whose full name is Orion's Barricade) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

The map is an almost symmetrical, big floating asteroid holding a castle in it. The castle itself is embedded into the asteroid and holds several areas of interest.

First, we have the outer area itself. The surroundings of the castle hold several items of interest and escape/entrance routes for players.

Players can enter to the castle via the front gate, where they can access either the Courtyard or the Northeast/Southeast towers of the castle. The Courtyard itself holds a weapon, is connected to the other end of the castle, and allows players to switch between floors if they have the Jump Boots. The lateral areas provide safer routes to the tower areas of the castle.

The far end of the castle, located at the East, is connected to many areas and serves as one of the main choke points of the map. It's connected to the Lower level of the map via stairs, to the Outer area via side doors, and to the Upper Sniper chamber via a lift.

Both tower areas (North and South) offer a lift to the highest level of the map, overlooking almost the whole Outer area. They're also connected to the Outer area via a door, and the South tower has a connection to the Lower level via stairs.

Finally, we have the Lower level, which is where the symmetry ends. Players will find a series of passages into two lower areas, Central and Southwest, and the whole area also features several holes, some of which can be used alongside the Jump Boots to access the outer areas of the Castle. The lower levels hold plenty of items and connectivity.

Weapons and pickupsEdit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
Bio Rifle
W: 1(*)
A: 2(*)
Weapon: Near the South tower, at the second floor of the Outer area.
Ammo: Near the weapon.
Shock Rifle
W: 2
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Central Lower area, near the Lift between floors. 1x Outer area, southeast corner, near the small house.
Ammo: 2x Central Lower area, in the ledge over it. 2x Near the Outer area weapon.
Pulse Gun
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: At the Courtyard.
Ammo: At the South inner passage to the South tower.
W: 2
A: 2
Weapon: 1x In a ledge near the lowest level of the Southwest area. 1x Near the North tower, at the second floor of the Outer area.
Ammo: Near the Outer area weapon.
W: 1(*)
A: 1(*)
Weapon: Corner of a lower passage between the Southwest Lower and Central Lower areas.
Ammo: Southwest area, near the Flak Cannon.
W: 2(**)
A: 3(**)
Weapon: Same as PC Minigun, plus where the PC BioRifle is.
Ammo: Same as PC Minigun, plus where the PC BioRifle is.
Flak Cannon
W: 2
A: 5
Weapon: 1x Outer area, north Entrance to the Far End. 1x Southwest area, ledge over it.
Ammo: 1x near the Outer area weapon. 1x near the Southwest Lower weapon. 2x Outer area, north end of the asteroid. 1x Far End of the castle, near the Lift.
Rocket Launcher
W: 2
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Plank over the Storm, lower area. 1x above the front gate.
Ammo: 1x near the lower point of the Far End-Lower areas stair. 1x Central area, in a ledge near to the stairs to the Lift. 1x near the Outer Area weapon. 1x Far End, near the Lift to the Sniper Chamber.
Sniper Rifle
W: 1
A: 4
Weapon: Sniper chamber, over the Far End area.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 1x Top of the North tower. 1x Top of the South tower.
W: 1(*)
A: -
Weapon: Outside, over the Sniper chamber, Outer area.
Ammo: -

(*) PC only. (**) Console only.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Vial
3x Ledge below the Sniper Chamber. 3x Low end of the Far End-Lower areas stair. 3x Top of the North tower. 4x Outer area, alongside the South Passage. 3x Ledge near the stair between South tower and Lower areas. 4x Outer area, alongside the North passage.
Health Pack
1x Ledge below the Sniper chamber. 2x Corner of a lower passage between the Southwest Lower and Central Lower areas. 1x South tower. 1x Central Lower area, in an upper ledge. 2x North passage to North tower.
Big Keg O' Health
In a ledge over the Storm, near the Central area.
Body Armor
1x Ledge near a lift near the Central Lower area, only accessible via jump. 1x Top of the South Tower.
Shield Belt
1x Top of the North tower.
1x Thin plank over the Storm, in the Lower areas, below the South tower.
Jump Boots
1x above the front gate. 1x In a ledge over the Storm, near the Central area. 1x Sniper chamber, in a ledge to the Outer area. 1x Low end of the Far End-Lower areas stair.
Damage Amplifier
Where the PC Redeemer is.

(**) Console only.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • There's plenty of ammo in the map, and most of it is pretty distributed, so there's no reason to be unarmed.
  • This map is a good example of how effective the Jump Boots are when it comes to mobility. Without them, some areas cannot be reached at all, or can only be reached by only very few ways.
  • You must be very careful while taking each step, both inside and outside the castle. Crammed interiors and stronger opposition makes a stealth game almost impossible, except when you are on top, literally.

Trivia Edit

  • The console versions replace the Redeemer and Bio Rifle (weapon and ammo) with a Damage Amplifier and a Minigun, (weapon and ammo) respectively.
  • This map appears only in the retail ladder and not in the GOTY one, where it is replaced by DM-Shrapnel][, witn the same enemy roster and the same frag limit.

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