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"Interstellar Space Vehicle Gaetano is the largest space-faring vehicle ever built. When in drydock, it serves as a venue for tournament combat. All battles take place on the infamous Deck 16 of the cruiser. Try to stay out of the slime!"
- Map description

DM-Deck16II (whose full name is Deck16][) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament. It's one of the most popular and iconic FPS maps of all time, this map was received very well by critics and has spawned numerous sequels in later UT games.

Map description Edit

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 1 4
Shock Rifle 2 5
Pulse Gun 1 4
Ripper 1 2
Minigun 1 2
Flak Cannon 2 4
Rocket Launcher 2 6
Sniper Rifle 2 4
Redeemer 1 - In an area only reachable through lift jump from the Shock Rifle area, or via a teleporter in the lower floor, behind the Rocket Launcher.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 12 5x between the two boxes near the Flak Cannon in the dead end. 3x behind the large stack of boxes in the main room. 4x around the Shield Belt.
Health Pack 4 2x behind a box next to the right lift. 2x near the Damage Amplifier between the large box and the wall to the main room.
Body Armor 1 On a box in front of the left lift.
Thigh Pads 1 Next to the box on the bio ledge.
Shield Belt 1 On a narrow ledge below the central bridge.
Jump Boots 1 In a small opening next to the large slime pool.
Damage Amplifier 1 Over a box below the sniper ledge.

Tips and tricks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The beta version had an Invisibility instead of the Shield Belt, but the ledge to it wasn't there, so there was no way to reach it.

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