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"Sacred burial caverns where warriors bravely face the spirits of their forefathers."
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DM-Eternal is a map in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

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Ascension Rites Edit

"This is the first match of the tournament, held in the tomb of your forefathers. Defend their resting place against this desecration, as you would defend your homeworld against Liandri imperialism."
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It's time to fight in the Tournament. Cue the TV screen.

Commentator: "Welcome to the Opening Round of the five hundred twenty third Nakhti Ascension Rites. I'm joined by Malcolm, who is no stranger to combat tournaments."
Malcolm: "Good to be here. It's a nice morning here in the Nakhti capital, but it's about to get nasty."
Commentator: "It's been eight years since Emperor Hasan won the accepter. Now he's fallen ill, and must step aside."
Malcolm: "So now, hundreds of hopefuls from across the planet are here to fight for the throne, or die trying."
Commentator: "This year competitors who reach the playoffs also qualify for the big leagues, the Liandri Grand Tournament."
Malcolm: "This competition may be small, but it won't leave you disappointed. Ancient traditions, a final match to the death, and all the carnage you expect from a sanctioned Liandri tournament. I can't wait."
Commentator: "Let's get to the action."

Cut to the arena itself.

Anubis: "I've failed you once before, forefathers, forgive me. But do not forgive their sacrilege. I will make you proud."

Challenges Edit

"Truly, a competition of Epic proportions. To cement your place as the new Liandri champion and Emperor, you must defeat both Malcolm and Raiden."
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In this rung, the player fights as Anubis.

Selket's Ladder Edit

"Being the most popular Nakhti entrant into the Ascension Rites has its advantages. The Liandri are willing to stack the cards in your favor to keep the fans interested, and everyone fears fighting you because of it."
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Win this match to unlock the Double Adrenaline mutator.

Szalor's Ladder Edit

"When the Torgr Tribe defeated your clan, they slaughtered everyone except for a few warriors who they made their slaves. Now they have entered you into the tournament to bring shame upon you. Turn that strategy into their worst mistake."
Map description


Win this match to unlock the Double Adrenaline mutator.

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