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"Thanks to Magnetic Anti-Vacuum Resonance technology, combatants are able to battle outside of Xan's 'HyperBlast' arena ship for an extended period of time. Use extreme caution though, one mistake and you'll find yourself floating in space."
- Map description

DM-HyperBlast2 (whose full name is HyperBlast 2) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Map description Edit

Essentially based on the classic Hyperblast map, this epic battle arena receives an aesthetic overhaul as well as certain technical modifications. A semi torroid semi closed spaceship opens out into a dangerous low-gravity space, making the map open-type. The map provides almost every standard weapon and tons of defensive items- like Health Vials, Shield packs and Adrenaline. The relatively crammed interiors are suited for intense close combat, while the Shock Rifle makes battle on the outside near fatal. It is a matter of debate whether the new map is merely a "darker" recreation of the old one.

Weapons and pickups Edit

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • Collect as many defensive pickups as possible, to build your defense and deprive your enemy of them as well.
  • Grab these weapons- Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Minigun and Shock Rifle- as soon as possible. Rocket Launcher is also worth picking up on the way. Reload them systematically.
  • It is unwise to go for a face to face combat literally. The enemy will usually take you out with his Flak Cannon.
  • If caught in the enemy's line of sight or fire, it is imperative to keep distance. If possible, backpedal and strafe while you keep on firing. If you have to run away normally, strafe as well.
  • Try not to fight or double jump unnecessarily outside the ship. A well placed Shock blast can send you flying into the void.
  • Berserk is the recommended Adrenaline combo, to take down your enemy faster.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final map for the Single Player mode in Unreal Tournament 2004. Winning it will make you the game champion.

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