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"Step into the dark underworld of the Inquisition, where the ghosts of the innocent are your only companions."
- Map description

DM-Insidious (whose full name is Insidious) is a map appearing in the following games:

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After the match, you're given the option to trade one of your teammates for Remus:

Remus's Unreal Tournament 2003 character card

Name: Remus
Race: Human
Classification: Mercenary
Age: 26 yrs.

Accuracy: Meter-good-68,75 63
Agility: Meter-good-87,5 87
Aggresiveness: Meter-good-68,75 63
Team tactics: Meter-good-93,75 92
Average: 76.25
Preferred weapon:
Bio Rifle

"Being a twin in the Tournaments isn't so bad, as long as you're on the same side. If you think it's hard to have to face a brother in the arena try it when he's also got your face. One thing makes it easier though. He's a real jackass."

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