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"LMC knew they had found an excellent arena at the very top of a newly constructed Galaxyscrapper Super Structure. Thanks to the modern miracle of super tensile solids, these three buildings reach a staggering 12 miles high at their pinnacle. The thin atmosphere and reduced influence of Earth’s gravity provide an interesting test of the tournament athlete’s ability to adapt and conquer in extreme environments."
Map description


DM-Morpheus (whose full name is Morpheus) is a map in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

A map set on the top of three very high towers with extremely low gravity. These three towers are the Northwest tower, the Northeast tower, and the South tower. In terms of height, the Northwest tower is the taller one, while the Northeast tower is the shortest one, and the South one is in the middle.

Individually, each tower has the same elements: an inner chamber, accessible via a ramp from that tower's mid level, an upper platform also accessible by a ramp from the mid level, and a minitower at the very top, each holding a powerful item.

There's also, in the lowest level of the map, a broken road, with a small platform between the Northwest and South tower, holding no item. This road also has a jumppad propulsing the players back to the towers.

With little room to run for safety, this map is perfect for low-gravity jumpmatches.

Weapons & Pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Shock Rifle 1 2 Northeast tower, upper platform. Near the weapon.
Pulse Gun 1 2 South tower, small chamber, northwest corner. Near the weapon.
Ripper 1 2 Northwest tower, small chamber, northeast corner. Near the weapon.
Minigun 1 2 South tower, upper platform. Near the weapon.
Rocket Launcher 2 4 1x Northwest tower, upper platform. 1x Lower road, between the Northeast and South towers. 2x Near the Upper Rocket. 2x Near the Lower Rocket.
Sniper Rifle 1 2 Northeast tower, small chamber. Near the weapon.
Redeemer 1 - At the top of the Northwest tower. -

PickUps Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 6 2x Northeast tower, below the Upper platform. 2x South tower, below the ramp to Upper platform. 2x Northwest tower, below the ramp to the Upper platform.
Body Armor 1 At the top of the Northeast tower.
Invisibility 1 At the top of the South tower.

Tips & tricks Edit

  • Pick up the Sniper Rifle, and go to the highest point of the Northwest tower. You can also deny the Redeemer if you're lucky enough to catch it.
  • Shock Rifle can act as a Sniper counter, though it's pretty exposed since the above position.
  • About the only place safe enough from the snipers is the lower road. Then again, there's not much to do with a RL.
  • There's plenty of cover from snipers below the upper platforms, though the powerful weapons are still exposed to the snipers' FoV.
  • You must keep up a very fast pace and alert senses, especially a keen eye, to save your skin as well as ensuring your opponents' heads are ripped off.

CliffyB's Tips (Demo version) Edit

"-The Shock Rifle's regular fire is damned useful on this map. You can knock people off the buildings easily.
-Beware of combo-move monkeys on this map that hang out in the middle level.
-Impact jumping will give you a hell of a vertical edge on your foes. Try impact jumping and unloading rockets like mad on your foes as you're coming down.
-Pulse gun is very useful on this map. The alt fire will work wonders on a floating target.
-Morpheus can be played one on one without feeling too large.
Cliff Bleszinski[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The LevelEntryText property of the level is "Nobody ever makes their first jump".
  • The map was inspired by a scene in the movie The Matrix, and named after one of its characters, Morpheus
  • gave the map a fifth place in their Top-10 of FPS Multiplayer maps.[2]

External links and references Edit

  1. CliffyB's .plan
  2.'s "Top 10 First Person Shooter Multiplayer Maps"

See also Edit

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