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"After the first of the Phobos Moon orbital arenas was decommissioned and scrapped, its successor was launched to considerable fanfare and quickly became a staple deathmatch arena in the Tournament."
- Map description

DM-Phobos2 (whose full name is Phobos Moon 2) is a map appearing in the following games:

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In this match, you have to beat your recently-chosen teammates to prove that you're deserving of being their leader.

Winning this match gives you access to the Team Ladders. The first ladder which gets unlocked is the Team Deathmatch ladder.

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  • Contrary to the common trend, Phobos 2 is not a remake of the Phobos map appearing in the classic UT.
  • The map was set to appear in Unreal Championship but it didn't make the cut.

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