"The booby trap is a time honored tradition and a favorite among Tournament viewers. Many Liandri mining facilities offer such ‘interactive’ hazards."
- Map description

DM-Pressure (whose full name is Pressure) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

It is a fairly large rustic map, fitted with various structures to climb upon and rack up your defenses and arsenal.

The main draw of the map is a giant industrial vacuum chamber, which causes hapless competitors that are trapped inside to expand until they burst into gibs as the pressure is lowered in the room by a pair of large air pumps. Areas of the map include Catwalk hall, Pressure hall, Pillar hall, and Escape tunnel, as well as the eponymous Pressure chamber and the water tank. The map forms an 8-like shape, with a pair of extra passages added for better connectivity.

The Catwalk hall is an area located at the west of the map, consisting of several catwalks (forming two levels of height), several boxes, a big water tank pool at the south of the area. It's connected with the Pillar area by way of two lower entrances and a small entrance at the top level; with the Escape tunnel by way of a one-way falling pit; and with the Pressure area by way of the Water tank.

Pressure hall is the area where the eponymous Pressure Chamber is located. It has a catwalk going around the area, a water tank pool at the north, pillars and a bin. Aside of its Water tank connection with the Catwalk hall, it's also connected with the Pillar area by way of two lower entrances and an upper tunnel next to the Water tank.

The Pressure Chamber is located at the center of this area. It is activated by pushing or shooting one of two buttons located on the side of the chamber. When this happens the door slams shut, a woman announces "warning, depressurization commencing!", and the room is depressurized over several seconds, causing anyone trapped inside to swell up and explode. At the moment the players explode (after about five seconds being depressurized), frags are credited to whoever hit the button. Several items (shield belt, damage amplifier, rocket launcher) are placed inside, so players who are not blown up are rewarded with a significant advantage from the powerups they obtain. Thus much of the strategy of the map revolves around controlling this area.

The Pillar hall is a hall full of, well, pillars, acting as the hub of the level. Aside of the pillars it also features a catwalk and a sniper balcony accessible only by translocating or impactjumping.

Finally, the Escape tunnel is a Turbine-like vent connecting the Pillar hall with the Catwalk hall, starting from the upper level of the former and ending in the Water tank entrance of the latter.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
Shock Rifle
W: 1
A: 5
Weapon: 1x Catwalk hall, northwest corner
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 2x Catwalk hall, southwest corner. 1x Water tank, pressure hall end of the passage.
Pulse Gun
W: 1
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Middle of tunnel between Pressure hall and Pillar hall.
Ammo: 2x Next to the weapon. 2x Pillar hall, next to lift to upper level, south.
W: 1
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Catwalk hall, upper level in a deadend.
Ammo: 1x Water tank, catwalk hall end of the passage. 2x Catwalk hall, near the weapon. 1x Catwalk hall, mid level, northwest deadend.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Pressure hall, north ledge next to Water tank.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon.
Flak Cannon
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Pillar hall, upper level, in an unconnected ledge.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon.
Rocket Launcher
W: 2
A: 5
Weapon: 1x Passage between Catwalk hall and Pillar hall. 1x Inside Pressure chamber.
Ammo: 2x Catwalk hall, mid level, above north entrance to Pillar hall. 2x Near the Pressure chamber weapon. 1x Catwalk hall, in a deadend southeast of the area.
Sniper Rifle
W: 1
A: 3
Weapon: 1x Pillar hall, in the Sniper balcony.
Ammo: 1x Catwalk hall, hidden in a deadend southeast of the area. 2x Near the Pillar area weapon.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack
1x Pressure hall, southeast of the area. 2x Pressure hall (lower level), near the north bin. 2x Pillar area (lower level), below entrance to escape tunnel. 2x Pillar area, next to lift to Sniper balcony. 1x Catwalk hall, mid level, north deadend. 1x Catwalk hall, behind two crates. 2x Pillar hall, upper level, in an unconnected ledge, next to Flak Cannon. 3x Pressure hall, above Pressure chamber. 1x Pillar hall, sniper balcony.
Health Vial
7x Escape tunnel. 6x Tunnel between Pillar hall (upper level) and Pressure hall (upper level).
Big Keg O'Health
1x Water tank, middle of the passage between Catwalk hall and Pressure hall.
Body Armor
1x Catwalk hall, on top of a crate.
1x Pillar hall, upper level, in an unconnected ledge, next to Flak Cannon.
Shield Belt
1x Inside the Pressure chamber.
Damage Amplifier
1x Inside the Pressure chamber.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The rooms are good for Shock Rifle and Rocket Launcher and the long hallways are conducive to sniping.[1]
  • Make sure you time the Armor.[1]
  • If you're going for the belt or UDamage make sure there are no people nearby who might hit the white buttons on the outside of the chamber.[1]
  • Camping on top of the chamber with a shock rifle is a good idea, as there's loads of health up there.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Actually the mapper placed an Unreal razor ammo (above the shock rifle) which UT replaces with its own.

External links and references Edit

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