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DM-SpaceNoxx (whose full name is Space Noxx) is a map in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Pulse Gun 1 2 Under the left-side support (looking from lift towards Amp).
Minigun 1 2 Under the right-side support (looking from lift towards Amp).
Flak Cannon 1 2 Under the support opposite to the lift.
Rocket Launcher 1 2 On the platform.
Sniper Rifle 1 2 At the end of the behind the Flak Cannon.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 2 Left and right in front of the lift.
Big Keg O' Health 1 On the upper ring, opposite to the lift.
Damage Amplifier 1 Floating in the center above the force field.

Tips and tricks Edit

Trivia Edit

Author's Notes Edit

"This is an Hardcore Arena. Be ready to fight in low gravity on this floating platform. It's made for a small number of players."
Inoxx's website[1]

External links and references Edit

  1. Inoxx Pack analysis by Inoxx himself

See also Edit

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