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"The stench of brimstone fills the air, as sulphurous clouds move overhead and lava bubbles menacingly below. The thick layer of rust on the remaining structures provides dubious protection for the metal ravaged by the many corrosive agents that poison the atmosphere. The environment is as lethal as the competition, making for one unforgiving battleground."
- Map description

DOM-ScorchedEarth (whose full name is Scorched Earth) is a map appearing in the following games:

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"DOM-ScorchedEarth is a double domination map. You start in the centre spawning up on a ledge off of these spiky statues. You jump down and can move to the left or right tower with each a control point. Again a rather small and frantic map. Watch where you jump to not fall off into the lava! Mhuahaha!

I was responsible for most of the layout / meshing / and bug fixing. James Schmalz and Pancho Eekels both did a pass on lighting / other visuals."
- Checker's Chapel[1]

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  1. Portfolio DarkSector(mmo) UC and UT2003 @ Checker's Chapel

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