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The Necris Darkwalker is a large, slow-moving vehicle in Unreal Tournament 3. It has particle accelerators that can create a sweeping thin beam that can disintegrate anything in the beam's path. It also features a shriek meant to frighten the opposition.

Strategies WithEdit

The Darkwalker's shriek is not only useful to get a rid of enemies right below you, but can also force people out of Vipers and Mantas. Roadkill with a Darkwalker is impossible, so don't hope to crush someone by stepping on them. On top of that, some areas on maps are very hard to access using a Darkwalker. Crouching will deal with low overhangs, but the Darkwalker itself can easily "climb" some areas otherwise inaccessable.

Strategies AgainstEdit

Unlike Goliaths and Paladins, Darkwalkers are not vulnerable to Raptors and other flying vehicles. Attacking from below is dumb, as the shriek will send you flying. Using a Self-destructing Viper is useful, as it does 600 damage, more than half of the Darkwalker's 1,000 health. Just be careful not to get hit by the Darkwalker, as the beams can easily kill you. Doing some Longbow ARViL camping is actually quite smart, because 5 of the rockets will put down a Darkwalker with ease.

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