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Demonlord's Lair (whose full name is Demonlord's Lair) is a map in Unreal.

Demonlord's Lair is the twenty-ninth level in Unreal, and it is where the player first fights the Skaarj Warlord. It is a very small level, only composed of a single room with a bridge and some platforms floating in lava.

Quick Completion Edit

  1. The first thing you will see in this level after passing through a door is the Warlord himself. He will be stationed on a thin bridge above a lake of lava and will eventually notice that you've come.
  2. Take out your precious Minigun and go ballistic. If you use any weapon that does not instantly hit the target (I.E. Enforcer bullets or Shock Rifle primary fire) then he will dodge it, 9 times out of 10.
  3. Dodge the Warlord's missiles and continue to make him into swiss cheese. Watch out for the lava on the floor!
  4. After enough shooting at the Warlord, he will become frustrated by your strength and teleport away to a future level.
  5. Walk across the bridge that you originally saw the Warlord on and proceed to the next level.

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