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The single-man sidearm known as the Dispersion Pistol was built by the Unified Space Military, and was also used by the Unified Military Service guards. This weapon uses a Brilithium Power Core, capable of firing a high-pulse energy bolt that can deterialize a lifeform.

In Unreal and RTNP, the Dispersion Pistol is the player's default weapon. As such, it normally fires weak energy bolts. One useful feature is that it recharges energy over time, so it is always available and can save the player ammo for more serious sitiuations. The Dispersion Pistol's projectile also has a light on it to allow the player to see in the dark if they do not have Flares or any other light source. Holding the secondary fire button allows energy to build up, letting the player fire more powerful blasts, depending on the amount of time the trigger was held. When it fully charges at the maximum of 500%, it automatically fires and deals splash damage.

This Dispersion Pistol can be upgraded a number of times using Dispersion Pistol Powerups. Each successive powerup morphs the pistol into more elaborate shapes, makes the energy bolts more powerful, increases the reserve capacity, and changes the bolt's primary fire color. However, the upgraded versions take more energy from the reserves, making it useful for only a few powerful shots, and lowers the rate of fire.


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