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The Dispersion Pistol Powerup is a pickup in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

Item overview Edit

When picked up, it upgrades the Dispersion Pistol's power and its ammo capacity, but it is counteracted in exchange for lower rate of fire and higher ammo cost.

Locations Edit

  • Unreal
    • Rrajigar Mine: In a small cave, opened by a Nali. If the Nali is killed, the cave will not open.
    • Terraniux: In the center section of the greenhouse area, obtained via a lift.
    • Temple of Vandora: In a well by the square staircase. To obtain it, go into the well and through the hole in the side, then swim to the end cave to find the powerup resting just before a hole blocked by metal bars.
    • Na Pali Haven: Located in a farm building with Krall warriors and nearby Nali Cows.
    • Velora Pass: Sitting atop the table that awakens the Stone Titan.
    • Bluff Eversmoking: Activate the bell tower lift and drop down below it onto a grille. The tunnel adjacent to it contains the powerup.
  • Return to Na Pali

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