DmElSinore (whose full name is ElSinore) is a map in Unreal.

Map description Edit

Elsinore is a large-sized DM map in what appears to be a Nali temple. It is a long, maze-like map. There is a bottom floor with lava, and an above floor with water leaking into parts of it. There are many power-ups stored in an underground water passage that can be accessed by either the Flak Cannon room or next to the GES Bio Rifle, and the rest are located near the lava. It is very easy to fall into the lava here. There are a few secret panels in the floor that can be shot for quick access to the lower floor, an elevator at the back of a balcony/staircase room that overlooks the lava filled room, or you could take a winding staircase which holds a Shield Belt. This is at times a very tight map, or a very open map, depending on where you are located.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Stinger 1 2 On staircase/balcony overlooking lava filled room on opposite side of room from Rifle Next to the weapon pickup
ASMD 1 - Platform in room on bottom floor next to staircase that goes to the higher floor -
Eightball Gun 1 2 Middle of red carpeted hallway 2 next to the Shield Belt
Flak Cannon 1 2 In water filled room Next to the weapon pickup
Razorjack 1 2 On first floor near the elevator Next to the weapon pickup
GES Bio Rifle 1 2 In large Minigun room in small area of water that leads to underwater passage Next to the weapon pickup
Rifle 1 2 Top of staircase/balcony overlooking lava filled room On wall not far from Rifle
Minigun 2 4 1 located in hallway past fake wall in the water filled room, other in big room on other side of hallways connected to the staircase/balcony area 2 next to the weapon pickup

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 4 2 next to elevator on opposite side from Razorjack, 2 on opposite side of Minigun room
Nali Healing Fruit 3 1 in the Flak Cannon room, 2 in the ASMD room
Super Health Pack 1 On tall platform off the lava filled room that is accessable via some very thin stairs built into the platform
Assault Vest 1 In alcove in lava filled room
Shield Belt 1 In the staircase connecting the two floors
Dampener 1 In the underwater passage
Amplifier 1 In the underwater passage

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • Use the secret floor panels to your advantage.
  • Get a mix of guns for the different open/closed areas.
  • Hang around the lower floor, as that is where the most powerful power-ups spawn—watch out for the lava, however.
  • Use the lava to your advantage by pushing opponents into it.

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