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DmHealPod (whose full name is HealPod) is a map in Unreal.

Map description Edit

DmHealPod is a small map with a twist. It lacks health pickups, but in order to make up for it, it features a healing pod right in the middle of the map, which heals 8 HP per second. It comes at a risk though. There are buttons in the floor in the west and south entrances to the Main Hall which, when walked over, make the pod stomp down, killing anyone standing within the force field.

The map has 3 floors. In the main hall, the 3 floors are connected via lifts in the north and east entrances. There is another section of the 3rd floor (with an Assault Vest and ASMD pickup) in the northeast room, accessible by another lift. Though for improved mobility, it is advised to use the Jump Boots, which are hidden in a ventilation duct in the south part of the 1st floor.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Dispersion Pistol - 1 - On the top level of the Main Hall
Stinger 1 2 On a ledge in the southwest room on the 1rst floor Next to the weapon pickup
ASMD 1 2 In the northeast room located on the 3rd floor Near the weapon pickup
Eightball Gun 2 4 1 in the Main Hall on the 1st floor, 1 in a ventilation duct on the second floor In the SW room. 2 at the slopes, 2 near the S entrance
Flak Cannon 1 2 In the southwest room on the 2nd floor Next to the weapon pickup
Razorjack 1 2 In the Main Hall on the 2nd floor Next to the weapon pickup
GES Bio Rifle 1 2 In the Main Hall on the 1st floor At the north entrance to the SW room by the weapon pickup
Rifle 1 2 In the Main Hall on the 2nd floor In the ventilation duct near the Jump Boots
Minigun 1 2 On the top floor of the Main Hall Near the weapon pickup

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Assault Vest 1 On a ledge in the southwest room
Shield Belt 1 On a small ledge on the top level of the Main Hall
Jump Boots 1 In the southern ventilation duct between southwest room and Main Hall
VoiceBox 2 In the ventilation duct with the Eightball Gun

Gallery Edit

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The healing pod is both an easy healing device and an easy killing trap. Unfortunately, it can't be used as either in more crowded botmatches. Bots don't use the pod, but they will often walk over the triggers. Don't count on getting extra frags with the trap, and only try to heal in 1on1 matches, after the opponent has been fragged. However, one doesn't have to look far for another opportunity for easy frags. Bots very often stand still waiting for the elevators. A well-aimed shot of the Flak Cannon's alt-fire will add another frag to your score.

Trivia Edit

  • The map was considered for Unreal Tournament, and in fact appeared, untouched, in the betas. Needless to say, it went under a lot of changes in order to appear as DM-HealPod][.

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