DmTerra is a map in Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

Map description Edit

A close-combat map inspired by Unreal's classic exterior maps such as NyLeve's Falls. The general shape of the map is of two exterior areas (we're going to call them North and South) separated by a wide rock tower and connected between each other by way of two sideways surrounding this pillar. The rock tower itself houses two industrial areas (we'll call these areas Industrial upper -of one level- and Industrial lower -of two levels-) which also serve as connection between these exterior areas, though they aren't connected in any way. And the North and South sides themselves are composed of two levels, the Lower level, housing water areas (the North area holds two uninteresting water areas, while the South area holds a big lake holding the Shield Belt on a small isle), and the Upper level, housing walkways surrounding the Lower area.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Ammo Weapon Location Ammo Location
Automag 2 4(*) 1x South Upper area. 1x North Upper area. (Clips) Near the North Upper weapon. (Bullet boxes) 1x Near the Minigun. 1x Near the South Upper Automag.
Stinger 1 2 Industrial Lower area, upper level, near entrance to Super Health balcony. Near the weapon.
Combat Assault Rifle 1 2 Industrial Lower area, upper level. Near the weapon.
ASMD 1 2 Industrial Upper area, behind some boxes. 1x Near the weapon. 1x Industrial Upper area, behind another box.
UMS Grenade Launcher 1 2 Industrial lower area, in a chamber next to the elevator. Near the weapon.
Eightball Gun 1 Behind some boxes in the South Upper area. 1x Northwest entrance to Industrial Upper area.
UMS Rocket Launcher 1 2 South Lower area. North Lower area.
Flak Cannon 1 1 North Upper area, between a crate and an entrance to the Industrial Upper area. Near the weapon.
Razorjack 1 1 Industrial Lower area, lower level, near the Light pillar. Near the weapon.
GES Biorifle 1 2 Industrial Upper area, near a light column. Near the weapon.
Rifle 1 1 North lower area, in the lift to the North Upper area. Near the weapon.
Minigun 1 (**) East passage between the North Upper and South Upper areas. (**)

(*) 2 clips and 2 bullet boxes
(**) Shares ammo with the Automag.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Nali Healing Fruit 6 2x South Upper area, near Northwest entrance to the Industrial Upper area. 1x South Upper area, ledge overlooking the Shield Belt. 2x Near the Flak Cannon crate. 1x East passage between the North Upper and South Upper areas, between the Minigun and the East entrance to the Industrial Upper area.
Super Health 1 Industrial Lower area, upper level, on a balcony.
Armor 1 Industrial Lower area, in a box.
Shield Belt 1 South Lower area, on top of the island.
Cloaking Device 1 Industrial Lower area, on top of one of the lights of the light column.

Gallery Edit

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Don't go outside the industrial areas unarmed.
  • The most powerful cache can be found in the Industrial Lower area. You can get Super Health, Cloaking Device and Armor on the same area. Add the powerful weaponry near there (Rifle and UMS Rocket Launcher in the outside, and Grenade Launcher and CAR on the inside) and it becomes the domination zone of the map.
  • In Marine match mode, take advantage of the clutter at the Sniper lift.

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External links and references Edit

  1. DM-Terra review @ Unreal Universe

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