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A typical match of Domination in progress (DOM-MetalDream)

Domination is a team based-gametype found in Unreal Tournament.


The objective of Domination is to control three different checkpoints until the game limit is reached. The more checkpoints a team holds, the faster the points will be given to that team. If a team controls no checkpoints, no points will be given. A team can get a checkpoint simply by touching the checkpoint. The opposing team can touch the checkpoint at any time to take control of it. The first team to reach the game limit wins.

Double DominationEdit

Main article: Double Domination

In Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, the gametype is replaced by the similar Double Domination. Gameplay remains mostly unchanged; however, there are a few slight differences.


  • It is common for bots to "camp" by a checkpoint.

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