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Dorian Gray (mission) (whose full name is The Dorian Gray) is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening.

Prologue Edit

There is no prologue, apart from a brief cutscene depicting the Dorian Gray, Commander Hawkins' flagship, underway in space. The mission starts with John Dalton and a few Marines standing in a room while Hawkins stands in an adjacent room behind a panel of glass.

Walkthrough Edit

The level is divided up into two sections:

  • Dorian Gray I: The beginning of the level to when John Dalton reaches a computer just outside the ship's bridge.
  • Dorian Gray II: John Dalton entering the Dorian Gray's bridge, dealing with Commander Hawkins, then fighting his way to the escape pods as Tosc rampage all over the ship.

Quick Level Completion Edit

Difficulty Differences Edit

Epilogue Edit

A cutscene plays in which John Dalton launches a one-man escape pod from the Dorian Gray as the ship heads into Star FG-708. Dalton resumes playing the burst transmission sent from the Atlantis after entering it into the lifepod's computer. The Dorian Gray is destroyed, but by then, Dalton's pod has cleared the ship and reached a safe distance away from it and the star.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • After you blow the Singularity Cannon off the arm of the first Tosc you encounter in this mission, do not use any other weapon. No other weapon will do much against them, and you must end battles with them as soon as possible before they get the chance to fire their own Singularity Cannon.
  • Don't bother searching the lifepod airlocks for a pod that is still docked until you reach the last one. You might not be able to tell the difference, but seconds count at that point, and hurrying past the airlocks of pods that have already left the ship is vital.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final mission of the game, and the only one to take place entirely aboard a spacegoing ship.
  • The Dorian Gray is officially a TCA ship, but she carries Marines (who are not part of the TCA) aboard.
  • The Dorian Gray, as indicated by details shown and mentioned in the mission, mounts a gravity engine that maintains artificial gravity aboard the ship. She is also equipped with a number of one-man escape pods, although just how many the ship carries is unknown. Presumably there would be enough to carry the ship's crew and Marines.

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