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"Your team scores by capturing and holding both Control Points for ten seconds. Control Points are captured by touching them. After scoring, the Control Points are reset to neutral."
- UT2004

Double Domination, also known as DDOM, is a standard gametype introduced in Unreal Tournament 2003 as a sequel to Domination.

Overview Edit

There are two teams in Double Domination: Blue and Red. There are also two Control Points: A and B. The objective for both teams in Double Domination is to capture and hold both Control Points at the same time, also called "Dominating", for ten seconds straight.

The Control Points are captured by players from either team by simply running over them, and will remain captured until an opponent runs over them. The Control Points are colored with the capturing team's color, or white- if neither team has managed to capture a Control Point, as seen during the very beginning of a round.

If both Control Points are captured at once by a single team, that team is said to be "Dominating", while also initiating a ten-second reverse countdown timer. If the timer hits zero, the "Dominating" team gets a score. After the successful Domination, the Control Points vanish, and respawn in white after five seconds, to begin another round.

A Domination can be averted, if an opponent manages to break in and capture any of the Control Points during the ten-second countdown. Doing so will reset the countdown timer, forcing both teams to "Dominate" once again and reinitiate the Domination countdown.

Strategy Edit

  • Depending on the size of the team, a couple of players or more may stand guard at a captured Control Point. The rest of the team can focus on the offensive and go to capture the other Point.
  • Alternatively, as in PvP matches, a team can be divided into two synced groups and each group assigned with a Control Point to take care of. This tactic can be used to seize the Control Points and camp there for the rest of the game, while driving away any intruders.
  • Sometimes players are forced to leave a Point alone to go for an attack, as in botmatches. A common tactic in this case is to order a teammate to hold or defend a Point.

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