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"The Mokara are respected and feared as warriors. The Mokara's elite fighting unit, Fire Storm, sends a team of their best soldiers to the Tournament each year."
- Team description

Fire Storm is a team found in Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Overview Edit

Main article: Gen Mo'Kai
"Faster and more agile than their human counterparts, the lithe Gen Mo'kai lack the vitality of robust opponents like the Juggernauts. They more than compensate for this handicap with their ability to distance themselves from the enemy with great haste."
- Unreal Championship website[1]

Roster Edit

Makreth Edit

Makreth's ' character card

Name: Makreth
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2279

Accuracy: 75
Agility: 93
Aggresiveness: 75 (UT2003)/88 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75
Preferred weapon:

"A warrior maiden of the Yellow Bone clan, Makreth proudly wears the death mask handed down through generations of her family. Her bared fangs and slit eyes have caused more than one opponent to freeze in fear for their lives."

Damarus Edit

Damarus's ' character card

Name: Damarus
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2279

Accuracy: 74
Agility: 83
Aggresiveness: 74 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 89
Preferred weapon:

"The son of Mobeth tribe leader Gik Ma, Damarus has made quite a name for himself in the arenas. As a volunteer he enjoys many physical pleasures, but those who think his hedonistic lifestyle has made him soft haven't seen him from the wrong end of a biorifle."

Faraleth Edit

Faraleth's ' character card

Name: Faraleth
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2275

Accuracy: 77
Agility: 93
Aggresiveness: 77 (UT2003)/89 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 73
Preferred weapon:

"When the human plague known as the Crimson scourge annihilated her tribe, the healer Faraleth went mad with grief, sickened by her own impotence to combat the disease. Now every death she suffers in the tournaments is one small step toward redemption."

Komek Edit

Komek's ' character card

Name: Komek
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2279

Accuracy: 77
Agility: 93
Aggresiveness: 77 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 73
Preferred weapon:

"Like Makreth, Komek prefers to wear the death mask of his family into battle. This has earned him the disdain of Motig who prefers to instill fear into his enemies with displays of skill rather than gaudy facial art."

Mokara Edit

Mokara's ' character card

Name: Mokara
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2283

Accuracy: 96
Agility: 75
Aggresiveness: 96 (UT2003)/60 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75
Preferred weapon:

"Damarus' sister, and second in line to the scepter of Mobeth, Mokara feels that her brother is unworthy of the title and seeks to usurp it by proving herself the better in battle. Quiet and reserved, she watches her enemies closely for hidden weaknesses."

Motig Edit

Motig's ' character card

Name: Motig
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2284

Accuracy: 83
Agility: 93
Aggresiveness: 83 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 85

"The youngest of the Gen Mo'Kai players, Motig is also the most enthusiastic and outgoing of the recruits. He plays the crowd like a finely tuned instrument, using finesse and style to impress while crushing his enemies underfoot. Underestimating his abilities in combat may be the last mistake you'll ever make."

Nebri Edit

Nebri's ' character card

Name: Nebri
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2277

Accuracy: 86
Agility: 83
Aggresiveness: 86 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 76

"Her face permanently disfigured by the venom of an Arborean predator, Nebri signed up for the tournaments rather than face further rejection by those who were once her suitors. Little does her compatriot Damarus know that her feelings for him are considerably less than hostile."

Selig Edit

Selig's ' character card

Name: Selig
Race: Gen Mo'Kai
Birth date: 2278

Accuracy: 78
Agility: 93
Aggresiveness: 78 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 76
Preferred weapon:

"Unlike his flashy young friend Motig, Selig prefers to keep to himself. Between competitions he likes to explore the worlds he visits and document the interesting things he finds, or play a lethal game of cat and mouse with the interesting things that find him."

Trivia Edit

  • The following bots are duplicates:
    • Damarus: Delara (UT2004); Caskuli, Velomek (UC)
    • Faraleth: SeeSeela (UT2004); Gramatik, Rimi (UC)
    • Komek: Caskuli (UT2004); Flarik, Rathik (UC)
    • Makreth: Rathik (UT2004); Firahki, Pelosin (UC)
    • Mokara: Gramatik (UT2004); Ailtha, Delara (UC)
    • Motig: Pelosin (UT2004); Timrit, Vinik (UC)
    • Nebri: Napaket (UT2004); Librial, SeeSeela (UC)
    • Selig: Timrit (UT2004); Garusal, Napaket (UC)
  • Mokara is another, probably earlier, name sometimes used for the Gen Mo'Kai.

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  1. Gen Mo'Kai on UC site

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