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The Flak Cannon is a weapon in the Unreal series. It fires shrapnel at a lethal damage level, and can gib enemies easily. Use this on enemies like Titans, Brutes, Skaarj, and even Spinners. It is featured in all the Unreal games except for Unreal II: The Awakening.

In Unreal Tournament, this weapon acts (and has always acted) as a close-combat weapon; in Unreal it was the replacement for the Quadshot, and in UT2004 there's hardly a difference between it and the Flak Cannon in UT99 other than a visual change, but in UT3 it has been upgraded to make it more powerful.

For more power, do not fire the flak shells at the walls to reflect into enemies, as it makes them weaker and less accurate. Also don't fire from long range, as the pellets get less accurate over time. Just rush up to the enemy, face fowards, and shoot them to death for best results.

Visual Variation Edit

Flak Cannon U1

The Flak Cannon in Unreal

Across all the games, several key components of the Flak Cannon remain the same. Mainly, all Flak Cannons have a "bumblebee yellow" coloration, slight wear, and the fact of the flak shell always visible. Inside Unreal, the Flak Cannon had one metal extension connecting the weapon together, but in Tournament, 2 connectors are used, along with a lighter shade of yellow. In UT2003/4, The Flak Cannon had visible circuitry, a TC-036B decal on the front, and 3 connectors on the weapon. Also, the 'weapon equip" animation was simplified to just a pull-out, with the Flak Shell seemingly always there. UT3 received the biggest overhaul of the Flak Cannon's visual look, replacing the front component with 4 sub-pieces that expand slightly upon equipping the Flak Cannon, the Flak shell shrinking greatly, and a less rifle-related look on the weapon compared to the previous editions. The Flak Cannon makes a return in UT4, with an appearance reminiscent to the UT00-era Flak Cannon,

Unreal Tournament Edit

Flak Cannon

Flak Cannon in Unreal Tournament

The Flak Cannon is one easy weapon to shred your enemies at close quarters. The primary fire launches linear shrapnels that can deplete any armor and kill the target with a single, or a maximum of 2 hits. The secondary fire hurls a chunk of molten metal at mid-range, which provides splash damage enough to kill one or two players. The secondary fire can also be useful to shoot enemies sitting behind cover. With an ammo capacity of 50, this weapon is handy in a Deathmatch, but need not to be, as in Assault matches.

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004Edit

Ut2-flak-cannon mini

Flak Cannon in UT2003/UT2004.

"Trident Defensive Technologies Series 7 Flechette Cannon
has been taken to the next step in evolution with the production of the Mk3 "Negotiator." The ionized flechettes are capable of delivering second- and third-degree burns to organic tissue, cauterizing the wound instantly. Payload delivery is achieved via one of two methods: ionized flechettes launched in a spread pattern directly from the barrel, or via fragmentation grenades that explode on impact, radiating flechettes in all directions.
UT2004 description
  • Range: Close-medium
  • Ammo: 15
  • Capacity: 35
  • Splash Damage: Yes
  • Trajectory: Non-linear

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Flak cannon

Flak Cannon in Unreal Tournament 3

"Trident Defensive Technologies continues to tweak and refine the flak cannon with their newly released Mk4 "Peacekeeper." In spite of its new name, the flak cannon remains banned from most military conflicts for high incidences of maiming and collateral damage. Still, the flak cannon is the weapon of choice for unconventional warfare in urban terrain. The primary mode detonates the flak shell in the barrel, launching shrapnel forward in a deadly shotgun pattern but often deafening the operator. The cannon also lobs an explosive flak shell that detonates on contact, sending shrapnel in a dangerously wide and unpredictable radius."
UT3 description

Unreal Tournament (2014) Edit

"The primary fire mode of the Flak Cannon fires metal shards. The secondary fire mode launches an explosive shell at an arc."
UT4 weapons tutorial

The primary fire sprays forth white hot chunks of scrap metal, shotgun style. The secondary fire lobs a grenade full of shrapnel at an opponent, spraying shrapnel in all directions upon detonating. The shards it sprays upon detonation may hit your enemies, causing further damage.

Death Text Edit

Unreal Tournament Edit

  • #2 was ripped to shreds by #1's Flak Cannon.

UT2003, UT2004, UT3 Edit

  • Primary: #2 was shredded by #1's flak cannon.
  • Secondary: #2 was ripped to shreds by #1's shrapnel.
  • Suicide: # was perforated by his/her own flak.
  • Suicide 2: # blew him/herself up with a flak shell.

Gallery Edit

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