The Flamethrower...if you like evil, sick, and demented things then you probably are evil, sick, and demented. But also, you will love this gun. Replaces the Minigun from before. The primary fire of this living hell if your flame. Remember when mommy said don't play with fire? Well forget that, because you are going to have your fraggies on fire with this shit. Remember that once someone is shot with this, they will stay on fire and loose health for a while. So don't use too much ammo at once on a single enemy. The alternate fire is a liquid form of your gasoline. If you spray this on the ground, you can do one of two things with it: Wait for it to ignite itself, or go ahead and shot it with your primary fire to start the show early. Don't play too close though, you don't want to burn yourself.

These are particularly useful against the Light Araknids in the Hell mission.

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