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"Use a flashlight when you need to carry your light source with you. Flashlights have limited battery life however, so keep an eye on the power meter."
- Unreal manual

The Flashlight is an item in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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It's a temporary but portable light source which can be seen as an improvement to the Flare, a light source that cannot be carried but is more common than the Flashlight. The illumination is somewhat weak and has a yellowish color. It lasts only a minute or so, and as the battery dies out, the light becomes weaker and weaker until the battery doesn't work. Unlike a Flare, flashlights aim in only one direction.

Leaving a Flashlight on drains its batteries at a rapid pace until it eventually dies and the device must be replaced. To conserve the light the player must remember to turn off the light when it is not absolutely necessary to see in the dark. The player can see the amount of battery life by watching the bar above the inventory item.

Its presence is very frequent, especially in dark levels like The Sunspire.

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  • Although the item doesn't appear in official maps, it can be summoned in Unreal Tournament.

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